No Objection Certificate in Nepal [Updated Guide for NOC Letter]

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Ministry of Education has recently made slight changes and updates to the mechanism of NOC application in response to the effect of Coronavirus covid-19. Please see Latest Updates.

Yes, I have updated the information you need to know about getting a No Objection Letter in Nepal starting from documents required to some helpful tips!

Also, at the end of this blog post, you’ll find frequently asked questions and a comment forum where people like you have shared their insights on their experience of the very process.

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Let’s start with what NOC is and why it is needed.

note: This post contains information about the NOC letter – No Objection Certificate issued by MOE, Nepal. If you were looking for Nepal Oil Corporation, please visit

Ministry of Education, Scholarship Wing in Kaiser Mahal, Kathmandu issues No Objection Certificate popularly known as NOC Letter in Nepal.

It is issued for all Nepali applicants who have studied in any educational organizations in Nepal or have taken equivalency degree of Nepal if studied in foreign countries or educational service provider affiliated to foreign boards.

Quick Facts about NOC Letter

  • issued by the Ministry of Education, Nepal Government
  • required by banks to pay application/ tuition fees to foreign educational institutions
  • written consent from Nepal Government that MOE has no objection to NOC holder in studying in foreign nations
  • can be obtained on the same day of application and now online

Why do I need a NOC letter?

Basically, when you possess a NOC letter, it means that

  1. The Ministry of Education, Nepal Government has no problem with you in studying in a foreign nation, or you haven’t received a scholarship from Nepal Government or the final reason is
  2. You have legal permission to send/ pay/ get fees in foreign currency to a foreign nation for educational purposes.

Let me make this clear, you have received your offer letter or i20 from your desired foreign institution in Australia Canada, Japan or anywhere and now you need to pay your admission fees from Nepal.

You can pay your fees in different ways, one genuine way is to do SWIFT Bank Transfer to your college/university through licensed Banks in Nepal.

To send money on your behalf, Banks in Nepal will require you to present NOC issued from the Education Ministry.

What is the process to obtain No Objection Letter in Nepal?

The process for obtaining a NOC certificate has been updated slightly. The following method describes the process for getting the certificate by visiting the Ministry of Education in person.

Now, because of COVID-19 restrictions, you can apply all online, keep reading to know how to do it online.

Even though the application is online, the documents required and other information mentioned below are still relevant.

Listed below are the major steps involved in obtaining the NOC certificate.

  1. You can download the application form online from the Education Ministry’s official site at or can get one in counter or in the shops outside.

  2. What are the Documents required?:
    Following documents are essential for you to obtain the certificate:

    – citizenship original & copy
    – offer/ i20 letter from university,
    – academic transcript original and copy of last academic degree, if no original all notarized
  3. submit filled form and documents at counter 3 for ruju/ verification
  4. after an officer at counter 3 has approved your documents and application go to counter 2 for voucher and payment of NPR 2000 for each degree
  5. once you have made a deposit, go to counter no. 4 for submitting documents and take the token number they provide you
  6. be back to counter 6 after the time they advise 1hr with token no.

Where to go to get NOC letter?

Scholarship Wing, Ministry of Education
Location: Keshar Mahal, Kathmandu (adjacent to Garden of Dreams, Thamel)
Phone: 014418169 (MOE, Scholarship Wing)

This is the general process, some steps and fees might differ with time.

You will receive your NOC letter within the same day.

In case, the officer asks you to get permission/ letter from Nepal Health Professional Council (NHPC), you need to visit the NHPC office at Bansbari, Kathmandu and follow these steps:

Documents required at NHPC:

  • passport (original & copy),
  • citizenship (original & copy),
  • offer letter,
  • and all documents as mentioned in 2
  • handwritten application for agreement form that you won’t come back to NHPC seeking for registration/ license
  • filled form
  • deposit voucher slip of NPR 1500 in NHPC SBI Bank account
  • directly go to room number 3 and submit there and come to room 1 and wait until they call your name

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Latest Updates regarding No Objection Letter

MOE resumes issuing NOC letter for Japan, Australia, China, South Korea and BangladeshJuly 04, 2021
Ministry of Education, Nepal initiates receiving an online application for NOC letter July 15, 2020
Government stops issuing no-objection certificates for study in countries (China, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Iran and Singapore) hard hit by Covid-19The Kathmandu Post
Mar 30, 2020
The government announced that it will not issue any No Objection Letter (NOC) to the students going for abroad studies.myRepublica
Mar 03, 2020
Nepalese Government clarification on No Objection Certificates for education abroadAustralian Government, International Education

MOE resumes issuing NOC letter for Japan, Australia, China, South Korea and Bangladesh

Latest Update as of July 04, 2021

MOE has issued a notice stating that it would resume issuing a No Objection Letter from today for the countries previously paused.

The countries are Japan, Australia, China, South Korea and Bangladesh.

MOE had stopped issuing NOC from April 2021 because of the coronavirus situation. Please check the image below for details.

NOC letter latest update July 4, 2021

NOC letter Nepal – online application

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOEST), the governing body for issuing No Objection Certificate (NOC letter) to applicants intending to pursue their higher education in foreign countries have recently changed the way of the application procedure.

This change is in response to the Coronavirus – covid19 effect.

Following are the major things to be remembered:

  • applicable from 2077/03/21 BS, July 15, 2020, applicant don’t need to visit MOEST’s Kaeser Mahal office to obtain NOC letter
  • all applications can be submitted online at
  • after submitting the application online, the outcome of the application will be notified online
  • successful applicants need to deposit the application fees by bank transfer
  • date and time of collecting certificate will be notified by email and needs to be collected from Kaeser Mahal

for more information please see the official press release

Here’s what you need to know about the online application

  • application is to be submitted online through MOE’s web portal for NOC application
  • to sign up to start you will require an email address and Nepal’s mobile number to confirm the code
  • might take 10-20 minutes to submit the application in full
  • you’ll need to upload the required documents which are scanned ( or take a clear picture)

    Making a Subject Request
  • if your subject/ course isn’t listed or you couldn’t find during the application process, you need to make a subject request
  • while making a subject request, you can provide as much details and information about your course, education provider and subjects this may include your course’s link from university’s website, links and contact details containing location and information about your course and university
  • this will help the MOE officials to process your subject request when they have adequate information available.
  • it may take up to few business days for the subject request to be approved
  • you will get notified by email regarding the outcome of your subject request
  • you need to continue applying for NOC once your subject request has been accepted
  • once you submit your application for the certificate, you will get the result of your application in a few business days
  • payment of NOC fees can be made by depositing the amout in the bank details specified in the email you receive or at the end of your online application
  • You need to visit MOE’s Education Wing at Kaiser Mahal in person to receive hard copy print of your No Objection Certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get a NOC letter in Nepal?

You can obtain a No Objection Letter (NOC) in Nepal by submitting an online application form at managed by the Ministry of Education, Scholarship Wing, Kathmandu.

What documents are required for NOC?

Documents like passport, citizenship certificate, academic documents, offer letter are required for obtaining a NOC letter. Check Documents required for detailed information.

What is the purpose of a no-objection certificate?

No Objection Certificate is required by banks in Nepal to do your payment of tuition/ application fees to your university in foreign countries in foreign currency. Also, immigration officers at the departure terminal in Nepal’s airport might ask for the NOC letter to make sure you are a genuine student leaving Nepal.

Do I need a No Objection Letter (NOC) if I am going abroad under a scholarship scheme?

If you are going abroad for your further study under scholarship, you mightn’t have the necessity of paying fees from Nepal. In this context, you don’t need a NOC. However, the officials at Nepal’s international airport might ask you for your NOC certificate in case you aren’t able to show enough proof that you are a genuine student who has obtained the scholarship.

How long does it take to obtain a NOC letter?

You will get your letter within a few days, sometimes even on the same day of submitting your application.

How much does it cost?

It costs you NPR 2000 (Twelve thousand only) to get your No Objection Certificate.

Where can I find more information about the NOC letter?

Please reach the Ministry of Education by visiting or contacting them.

When will the NOC application open in Nepal?

MOEST has started accepting online applications for NOC letter from July 15, 2020.

If you have any queries please check the comment forum below, if you don’t find your answer comment down and I will be more than happy to answer you. 🙂

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