A Step-by-Step Guide to Renewing Your Nepali Passport in Australia

Is your passport expiring soon and you are worried about how to renew your Nepali passport in Australia?

You are on the right page!

This blog post, details all the necessary documents, processes and helpful tips on renewing your adult passport. All are based on my personal experience. I will share some exclusive ideas on finding appointment dates and saving you your valuable time.

Key facts

Cost$230AUD (cash/ debit card)
Time Required2-3 months
Online ApplicationThe first step is to fill out an online pre-enrollment form on the Nepal Passport department’s website.
Documents RequiredThe applicant needs to scan or photograph the Nepali citizenship certificate front page, original passport pages 2 and 3, original passport page 31, and a valid visa.
Filling out the online formTo book an appointment and fill out the form, the applicant needs to visit the website https://emrtds.nepalpassport.gov.np and choose Renewal. They must then choose NE, Canberra if they are in Australia and select an available date.
AppointmentOn the appointment day, the applicant needs to visit the Embassy of Nepal, Canberra, physically for biometrics.
Helpful TipsThe blog post provides helpful tips, such as checking for appointment dates around 10 AM, keeping digital documents ready, and not panicking if a mistake is made on the form.
Renewed Passport CollectionThe renewed passport can be collected physically or via post.
Author’s ExperienceThe blog post is based on the author’s personal experience of renewing their passport in Australia

My story

I obtained my passport immediately after completing high school in Nepal and didn’t realise how fast ten years can pass by. My passport is expiring in a few months as of today of writing this blog, and it was very important for me to renew my passport on time.

Since I am in Australia currently, I had to follow the steps mentioned on Nepal Embassy’s website and proceed accordingly. Trust me, it was a bit of a hassle for me. Living in Adelaide, I had to visit Canberra physically for taking a photo and doing biometrics. Those tiring flights and the money spent made me rethink that I should have flown to Nepal and renewed my passport and could meet my family as well.

Okay, let’s get back to the topic. Here’s everything I did to renew my Nepali passport in Australia.

Online application

The first and foremost step is to fill out an online pre-enrollment form from the Nepal Passport department, the same website used by all Nepalis in Nepal and abroad to obtain a passport.

Read the information provided

The Embassy of Nepal, Canberra has written and explained every step involved in this process. I found it very informative and helpful.

Visit https://au.nepalembassy.gov.np/passport/ and go through all the details mentioned on this page.

Good things to know:

  • applicants need to visit Embassy physically for biometrics on the appointment date chosen while filling out the online application form for an e-passport
  • if your passport is expiring in less than a year, it is a good idea to think about renewing your passport as it might take around 2-3 months for you to receive your passport
  • passport is printed in Nepal and sent to Embassy and then to the applicant after receiving your biometric and photograph
  • getting an appointment date might be hard and tricky, so you need to keep trying
  • renewed passport can be collected physically or via post

Get your documents ready

Before filling online application form, please scan and make the following documents ready in the format mentioned:

  1. Nepali citizenship certificate front page
  2. Nepali citizenship certificate front page
  3. Original passport pages 2 and 3
  4. original passport page 31
  5. valid visa
  • You can either scan or take photographs of this page.
  • keep citizenship from and back page separate photos, not combined
  • all documents must be in JPEG/ PNG format and less than 300KB file size

Please keep your digital documents ready on your phone/ laptop so that you can instantly fill out the online form when the date is available as there’s a time limit to submit an application.

Filling out the online form

Please watch this video where I’ve explained all the details about how to book a date, tricks and tips.

To book an appointment and fill out the form you’ll have to visit https://emrtds.nepalpassport.gov.np

  • click on Apply for Passport button and then select Renewal
  • choose a 32page or 64-page passport as required
  • On the next page, choose Other and wait until the dropdown loads the option
  • Choose NE, Canberra if you are in Australia
  • Choose the available date which is in dark bold colours and clickable
  • if you can’t see any dates it’s because there are limited slots and they have been already booked out
  • what I noticed is checking at around 10 AM in the morning will be helpful as dates are released around this time
  • one day is released at a time so you might have to check every day until the date for your desired date is released
  • when I was trying to find a date, what I noticed was only dates after a month would be released e.g. today is 30 March if I check I might be able to see the date for May only
  • you shouldn’t be surprised to notice website errors and form not working, but never give up and keep trying
  • once you find the date and time, continue to fill out the form providing your personal details and address according to the new system in Nepal
  • I made a mistake while filling up the form and was panicking since I couldn’t edit after submission if you accidentally made a mistake don’t panic it can be easily corrected while visiting Embassy for biometrics
  • don’t enter -/ while entering your citizenship number. eg if it is 123-456 just enter 123456
  • download the filled form and also keep a screenshot of the last confirmation page you receive
  • in case the website says timed out or error, don’t quit instead watch the video to know how I solved this problem

On the appointment day at the Embassy of Nepal, Canberra

Okay, now you have successfully filled out the form and got your desired appointment date. Let’s talk about what to do on the day of the appointment.

We live in Adelaide, so we had to take a long flight to Canberra and arrived in the city quite earlier. My appointment was at 2 PM and we reached 30 minutes before and just roamed around the embassy just to avoid last-minute traffic or anything.

Nepal Embassy is located in a nice suburb where most countries’ embassies and consulates are located.

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Address: 22 Kareelah Vista, O’Malley ACT 2606

It is easily accessible via public transport as the bus stop is just close to the embassy.

We got a full-day bus ticket at the Canberra Airport for Transport Canberra for 9.6AUD, this comes with unlimited bus, train, and tram trips. Or you can buy myway card at the airport/ city interchange as well. With the ticket, we didn’t have to tap but just present it to the bus driver.

Documents needed

  • original passport
  • original citizenship (coloured photocopy)
  • visa
  • print of online application
  • cash 230AUD or debit card only but not credit card (better to carry cash if you have time)

also might be a good idea to carry any other relevant documents if needed.

the process at the embassy

It is a good idea to reach the destination at least a few minutes early. My booking was at 2, but there were several others at the same time. So it is like a first come first serves for this time slot.

At first, at the reception, your documents are checked and the 230AUD is paid by card or cash and a receipt is provided.

Then we go back to the house and queue to input our name, the last 4 digits of the receipt number and contact details in an excel sheet and diligently wait until our friendly Nepal Embassy staff call our name.

Inside, all the details are verified in a calm and cool manner, form, citizenship, passport and visa copies are asked for, scanned and verified. The photograph is taken and if needed any details can be corrected here. It takes around 5-10 minutes.

Once done, you can return home and wait until your passport is available for collection.

Tracking your passport status

The status of passport renewal can be tracked via the Nepal E-passport app by proving the reference number.

Collecting your passport

When your passport is ready for pick-up, the Embassy will send you an email from their official address and a text message to your mobile number in Nepal. You have a few different options to choose from when collecting your passport:

  1. You can visit the Embassy in person and bring your original old passport (or your birth certificate if you’re a minor).
  2. If you can’t make it in person, you can authorize someone else to collect your passport for you by sending an email to consular.canberra@mofa.gov.np and giving them your original old passport (or birth certificate if you’re a minor).
  3. Alternatively, you can send your original old passport (or birth certificate if you’re a minor) and a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope with your full address on it to the Embassy’s postal address:

Embassy of Nepal P O Box -1070 Mawson, ACT 2607

Note: If you’re renewing a lost passport, be sure to include a copy of your old passport and receipt with your application.

Helpful resources

Embassy of Nepal, Canberra Passport Informationhttps://au.nepalembassy.gov.np/passport/
Online application for pre-enrollmenthttps://emrtds.nepalpassport.gov.np/
Nepali Passport Renewal in Australia Video Guideshttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyzpyQLGHk0PbJ9Hf05UYBrUBpxkMO5IO


How can I renew my Nepali passport in Australia?

You can renew your Nepali passport in Australia by completing the online application form and visiting the Nepal Embassy on the appointment date for biometrics and payment.

I can’t find an appointment date for renewing my passport.

Please keep trying, and check the site in the morning. Follow these tricks.

What to do if I made a mistake in filling out the online form?

Don’t worry, the details can be easily corrected on your appointment day.

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About the Author
Lakshman Basnet
Nepali Digital Media Marketer currently based in Adelaide, South Australia who apart from playing with his cat - Eleven, also enjoys developing web content, publishing blogs and YouTube videos in his free time.

9 thoughts on “A Step-by-Step Guide to Renewing Your Nepali Passport in Australia”

  1. HI. My visa is going to be expired on 13 march. However I have not yet applied for new visa, takes time, its on the process. I have my appointment on 14 March, however i will be having my expired visa, will that work? and i dont have original nagrita with me. What else the documents are needed on the appointment day?

    • Hello Pratik ji,
      We don’t need to book separately for biometrics. If you have booked appointment online for passport renewal, biometrics, photo and document verification all will be done on the same appointment.
      Best wishes

  2. Lakshman Ji, Do you know if we need to provide original Nepali citizenship for passport renewal in Embassy Canberra. I left my citizenship in Nepal and my appointment is in one week.

    • Hello Manindra sir,
      I haven’t got the official template/ letter but you can prepare something like this:

      [Your Name]
      [Your Address]
      [City, State, ZIP Code]
      [Email Address]
      [Phone Number]

      Consular Section
      Embassy of Nepal
      P O Box -1070
      Mawson, ACT 2607

      Subject: Authorization for Passport Collection on Behalf of Minor

      To Whom It May Concern,

      I, [Your Full Name], hereby authorize [Authorized Person's Full Name] to collect the newly issued passport for my minor child, [Minor's Full Name], on my behalf. I am unable to personally visit the Embassy of Nepal for the collection due to unavoidable circumstances.

      Details for Authorization:

      Minor's Information:
      Full Name: [Minor's Full Name]
      Date of Birth: [Minor's Date of Birth]
      Passport Application Number: [Passport Application Number]

      Authorized Person's Information:
      Full Name: [Authorized Person's Full Name]
      Date of Birth: [Authorized Person's Date of Birth]
      Identification Document (e.g., Passport or Driver's License) Number: [Identification Document Number]
      Relationship to Minor: [Relationship to Minor]
      Contact Number: [Authorized Person's Contact Number]

      Attached are the necessary documents for verification:

      Copy of My Identification Document
      Copy of Minor's Birth Certificate
      Copy of Minor's Passport Application Receipt

      I kindly request your assistance in facilitating the passport collection process for [Authorized Person's Full Name]. This authorization is solely for the purpose of passport collection and no further decisions are authorized on my behalf.

      For any inquiries, please feel free to contact me at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address].

      Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


      [Your Full Name]
      [Your Signature – If sending a hard copy]

      Best wishes

      For your information, I’ve included some information from Embassy’s website:
      Once the passport is ready for collection, you’ll receive email from the Department of Passport, Nepal and Embassy of Nepal, Canberra and also a text message in provided Nepal’s mobile number. It also appears “Your passport has been issued” while tracking in ‘Nepal ePassport’ App. And you may choose any one of the following options for passport collection.

      Options for collection
      1) Visiting to the Embassy oneself carrying original old passport (birth certificate in case of minor).
      2) Authorizing someone (sending email to Embassy at consular.canberra@mofa.gov.np) and sending him/her the original old passport (birth certificate in case of minor).
      3) Sending original old passport (copy of birth certificate in case of minor) and a self-addressed (write your full address in the recipient side of the envelope) postage paid trackable return envelope to the following postal address of the Embassy through post;

      Note: In case of renewal of lost passport, send/bring copy of old passport and receipt.

      Postal address:
      Embassy of Nepal
      P O Box -1070
      Mawson, ACT 2607

      Please be informed the Embassy will not be responsible for any lost/undelivered post.

    • Hi Durga,
      The Embassy of Nepal says, you can apply for renewal of Nepali passport in Australia if your passport has less than a year remaining. In your case, I think you can apply on or after December 2023.


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