Equivalence Certificate in Nepal [TU, CTEVT, A-Levels, IB, 12 & 10]

If you were looking for the right guide explaining how to obtain an equivalence certificate in Nepal then you are on the right page!

This blog post has been developed and updated frequently to reflect the latest process of obtaining your equivalence certificate in Nepal for the degree or education you have completed abroad or from a foreign board.

In this guide, you’ll be able to find why you need to make an equivalence certificate in Nepal, what are the different documents required, where to make the application, the process and the time required.

As this post has information covering the equivalence process for different issuers including MOECDC for school (10) and high school (10+2, A-levels, IB), CTEVT CDC for diplomas and TU CDC for bachelors, masters and higher, I suggest you navigate through the particular section from the table of contents.

4 Reasons why you need to obtain an equivalence certificate in Nepal

This is one of the most asked questions. While the purpose of any particular application may differ there are some general scenarios where an equivalent document is required in Nepal.

There can be several reasons that may require you to obtain an equivalence certificate. Here are some of the common scenarios:

  • to apply NOC Letter
    MOE states that if you need to get a NOC letter and you have got degree certificate from foreign board then along with NOC application you should also submit the equivalence certificate for your degree.
    Need to get a NOC letter? Check this guide!

  • government jobs
    If you are applying for government job and positions, Nepal government asks you for the equivalence certificate for your foreign degree while applying.
  • further study
    When you want to continue your study in Nepal, you might have to present the equivalent docuement if you possess a prior foreign degree.
  • registration and licencing in different professional organisations in Nepal

Equivalence certifcates from MOECDC Sanothimi for secondary and higher secondary level

Ministry of Education Science and Technology Curriculum Development Centre – Sanothimi is responsible for issuing the equivalent certificates for class 10 and class 12 in Nepal.

MOECDC Sanothimi takes application for the equivalence of classes 10 and 12, A-levels and IB to Nepali level.

LocationSanothimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal
contactmoecdc.gov.np | +977-1- 5639122
applicant needs to physically visit the location
Time requiredwithin the same day
– a couple of hours
FeesNPR 1000
NPR 1500 if the board is new
Levelsschool (10), high school (10+2), A-levels and IB

Documents required at MOECDC to obtain your equivalence certificate

For class 10 and 12

Following documents are required at CDC Sanothimi for obtaining the equivalent certificate for class 10 and class 12. All documents should be notarized before submitting.

  • Marksheet/ gradesheet/ transcript
  • certificate of completion/ provisional certificate
  • character certificate/ school or college leaving certificate
  • migration certificate
  • passport/ visa copy for countries except India
  • fee of NPR 1000

    if your board is new
  • if your education board is new (isn’t already recognised) NPR 1500 fee
  • informative documents like brochure, prospectus, bulletin etc
  • syllabus of studied level (10, 12)

How to get equivalence certificate for A-levels in Nepal?

If you are seeking to get the equivalent certificate for your A-level degree then here are the different documents required along with your application.

  1. General certificate of Education (GCE)
  2. Statement Of Results (SOR)
  3. Migration Certification
  4. Character Certificate
Students who have undertaken A-level studies from foreign boards or educational organisations must have completed Advanced Level in at least three subjects in the final exam.
For the students completing their A-levels before March 23, 2017, if the subject count is less than three then they must have completed at least two Advanced Level subjects and three Advanced Subsidiary subjects.

International Baccalaureate’s equivalence

For the student who has studied International Baccalaureate class 12 from the foreign board or educational organisation following documents are essential:

  • IB Diploma Certificate
  • IB Grade Sheet
  • Migration Certification
  • Character Certificate
Applicant should have completed his/her study by studying at least 5 subjects and obtained a minimum of 24-grade points.

For obtaining an equivalence certificate for class 10 and below please check this notice for details.

Equivalence process for school, high school, A levels and IB

  • Application time starts from 10:30AM, ceases at 01:00PM-02:00PM for lunch break and after 3:00PM no new applications are taken or fees processed
  • all documents should be notarised beforehand and original copies must be presented for verification
  • while applying for class 12’s equivalency, class 10’s equivalency shoould be also submitted along with the application (if class 10 is from foreign board) or if from Nepal board, class 10’s document copies should also be submitted
  • if application is being submitted by relatives or family member then identification document of the person present is necessary

  • Visit CDC’s library building’s room 1 and in counter 1 or 2 and submit your academic documents and get them verified by the officer there
  • in the same room 1’s counter 3 pay the fees
  • obtain your equivalence certificate from counter 3 in couple of hours after applicant’s name is announced
  • before leaving please check for any errors and typos in the certificates, inform the officer at the counter 3 for correction

Equivalence certifcates from CTEVT CDC Sanothimi for Diploma levels

CTEVT Nepal (Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training) is a national autonomous apex body of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector committed to the production of technical and skilful human resources required for the nation. more

LocationCTEVT, Sanothimi, Nepal
Contactctevt.org.np | +977016632073
FeesNPR 50 for CTEVT affiliated
NPR 1000 for foreign board

CTEVT’s CDC division looks after the equivalence of the documents for the students who have studied a CTEVT course in Nepal.

CTEVT also provides an equivalence certificate for a student who has completed a course similar to CTEVT’s from a foreign board or educational institution.

The documents required, process and fees for both of these conditions are explained below.

Documents required at CTEVT

The following documents are required for the student graduating from CTEVT affiliated institutions:

  1. Application form – provided by Curriculum and Equivalence Division
  2. Copy of Transcript
  3. Copy of Certificate
  4. Copy of Migration certificate
  5. Receipt of submission of NPR 50

Documents required for a student who graduated from a foreign country/ board’s Diploma to obtain CTEVT’s equivalence certificate:

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  • all the following documents should be notarised
  • copy of citizenship certificate
  • SLC/ SEE/ Grade 10’s documents: Marksheet, character certificate, board certificate, (equivalent certificates if grade 10 is from foreign board)
  • if entry requirement is 12th: Marksheet, transcript and certificate (equivalent certificates if grade 12 is from foreign board)
  • Diploma’s documents: Transcript, character/ transfer certificate, marksheet of every semester/ year
  • Institute’s documents: copy of affiliation document by university/ board to your college/ insitute
  • passport and visa copy if studied in countries except India
  • in case of Diploma of Pharmacy: 3 month’s practice letter in district level hospital
  • the detailed syllabus mentioning entry requirements and course duration.
  • If you are from an engineering diploma, you should also include a copy of the project work’s approved profile.

Process of obtaining equivalence certificates in Nepal CTEVT

To obtain an equivalence certificate from CTEVT Nepal for diploma level courses, you have to include all the required documents mentioned above, they should be notarised and arranged in a file.

You should also take original documents with you for verification purposes.

Visit room 301 at the CTEVT CDC division and submit your application, alongside the documents and get them verified by the officer.
and pay the fees of NR 50 and NPR 1000 for the foreign board’s certificate equivalence.

CTEVT doesn’t accept applications for equivalent certificates for the Diploma degrees from Open Universities and Distance education.

Equivalence certifcates from TU CDC for Bachelors, Masters and higher levels

Tribhuvan University’s Curriculum Development Center (TUCDC) is responsible for managing the applications related to the equivalence of foreign boards in Nepal.

TUCDC issues the equivalent certificate for the applicant who has completed bachelor’s, master and higher levels of study from foreign boards or educational institutions.

LocationTU, Kirtpur, Nepal
Contacttucdc.edu.np | helpdesk.cdc@tu.edu.nptu.edu.np
online at tucdc.edu.np and offline
Time required3 days
FeesNPR 1000
NPR 4000 if the board hasn’t been already recognised by TU
LevelsBachelors, Masters and above

Documents required at TU

  • certificates of equivalance demand level: graduation certificate, marksheet, transcript, character certificate
  • academic documents of previous lower level of study: Marksheet, transcript, character certificate or equivalency paper of lower levels
  • temporary certificate (not older than 5 years) if original certificate isn’t issued
  • transcript/ marksheet
  • character certificate
  • passport and visa copy if studied in other countries except India
  • all document copies should be notarised

if the university/ board hasn’t been previously recognised by TU then the following additional documents are required in addition to the above documents:

  • informative documents about university and course: prospectus, brochure, syllabus, curriculum
  • copy of thesis/ research/ project work
  • U.G.C / Higher education council’s letter of recognition
  • grading systems paper
  • translated copy of documents in English if they are in other languages other than Nepali and English

TU Certificate equivalence process

Applying at CDC TU’s office physically

With all the necessary documents and processes followed you can physically submit your application for obtaining the equivalent document at TU’s CDC department.

Submit the application with all documents and get the officer to verify the attached documents. You’ll be suggested or asked if any documents are required or change necessary.

Once documents are verified, visit the Bank, close to the CDC office and pay the required fees. NPR 1000 if your equivalency is regular and NPR 4000 if you have to follow the procedural equivalent process for a newer board/ university not previously recognised by TU.

Attach the bank deposit slip and submit all the verified documents back to CDC for processing the application.

In a few days, your physical copy of the equivalent certificate will be ready to collect.

Online application for TU equivalent certificates in nepal

Because of the Covid19 restriction in Nepal, TU-CDC has initiated the process of issuing equivalent certificates online.

What this means is you no longer have to physically visit the CDC office on TU just to apply.

Instead, you can apply all online and pay the fees and visit the office just to collect your final certificate.

The process of online application is almost similar except for the fact that it is done via computer by yourself.

Documents required are as usual as mentioned above.

Here are the key points in applying for TU’s equivalent certificate online:

  1. visit TU CDC’s official site https://tucdc.edu.np/register to initiate the process
  2. before lodging the application, please read the well explained FAQ page at https://tucdc.edu.np/faq
  3. create your account and proceed as instructed on the online application process
  4. make sure you provide the address and contact details as in educational documents
  5. if your university or subject isn’t recognised already you can add new univeristy and new subject
  6. you should create a single pdf file of size no longer than 5MB containing all scnanned documents inside
  7. place your most recent documents at the first and previous documents afterwards
  8. fees can be paid online via eSewa or Khalti
  9. you can see your application status at remarks
  10. within 3 business days you’ll be notified of your application status
  11. you have to physically visit TUCDC, Kiritpur with your id once your application has been approved to collect your equivalent letter


official instructions for application
application form: https://moecdc.gov.np/images/11.pdf
CTEVTApplication process and documents required:
TU CDConline application:
documents and application process:


Why do I need to get an equivalence certificate?

Equivalence certificates in Nepal have required for different reasons some of them are: for government jobs and foreign affairs, NOC application, further study, registration and licensing purposes in Nepal.

How do I get an equivalence certificate from TU?

You can get your equivalent certificate in a couple of days from TU by submitting the application form along with the necessary documents of your last degree and fees.

How long does it take to get an equivalence certificate in Nepal?

Depending upon the certificate issues you can get your equivalence certificate within the same day to a couple of days in Nepal.

How to apply online for an equivalence certificate?

Please visit https://tucdc.edu.np/ to apply for your equivalence certificate online.

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