How to Setup iCloud Plus Custom Email Domain [The Easy Way]

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Recently after I heard the news about the new custom email domain service being available as Beta in iCloud, I ran to test it.

This blog post has been developed to act as a guide on how to set up the custom domain for mail service with iCloud. I will be updating this post as the feature becomes fully available.

As of now, Apple’s iCloud plus Custom Email Domain is only available in the Beta version. You can access and test the new custom email service from Apple by visiting the website at
Remember since this is still in beta, there might be errors and bugs.

Before I take you into the main part of setting up, let me share with you what is needed to be able to use your custom domain for an email in iCloud.

What do you need to use custom domain with email in iCloud plus?

Apple’s Custom Email Domain feature is only available to an active iCloud+ subscription. What this means is you need to be a subscriber of Apple One to be able to use this service. If you have a paid iCloud storage plan then also you can use this service.

  • you must be a subscriber of Apple One subscription service from Apple or
  • have an active iCloud storage plan
  • a domain and ability add DNS records

Stuffs you need to know

While this feature is exciting and instigating to try, there are some things you need to be aware of.

  • as when in Beta, this service can have errors and bugs
  • you can add upto three email address
  • you need to visit web version to setup or add email addresses to your mail account, same for family members
  • while you can receive email on the new custom domain email address, you can’t send from the address unless you have the iOS 15, iPadOS 15 or macOS 12.
  • there is no easy way to import your previous emails associated with your mail address
  • you need to have a domain to use as a custom domain, you can’t buy or get a new domain from iCloud

How to setup custom domain email in iCloud plus

Setting up your domain’s email with iCloud plus is fairly easy and straight forwards. Apple takes you through an instructive setup process making it easier to set up if you haven’t done it previously.


To start the setup process, go to from your browser and follow the steps described below.

  • open up the iCloud settings and scroll to find Custom Email Domain
custom email domain setup icloud
  • select who will be using the custom email domain. Choose You if you are the only user and choose You and your family if your family member will be also using the the same domain and associated email addresses.
sharing with family member custom email domain apple
  • add the domain name you would like to connect to icloud’s custom email domain service
custom domain name icloud+
  • if you have existing email addresses that you would like to associate with icloud add in this step
adding existing email addresses
  • confirmation email will be sent to the previous email addresses if you added any
  • you will also notice that you might receive a pop up notification to add the email address you just setup to Facetime and iMessage
  • you can skip and create new email addresses later after finishing the setup process as well

Updating your domain registrar’s settings

In this step, apple instructs us to connect and point our domain name to the cloud’s address. Remember this will only point to the email mapping.
You can find the detailed instructions for setting up and existing domain iCloud mail here in this support article.

We need to update or add three DNS records: MX, TXT, and CNAME records.

A mail exchanger record – MX record directs email to mail server where it has to be delivered, TXT record allows you to add text-based records. Adding a TXT record in DNS settings helps to prevent email spam and to verify domain ownership.
CNAME is used to point a domain to a particular the same IP address but with a variation of the same domain name.

For this, you will have to log in to your domain registrar’s dashboard and navigate to DNS settings. You can also edit these records via Cloudflare’s DNS settings if you have already added your website to Cloudflare. Remember to copy the exact same values as provided included the trailing “.”.

Check this tutorial about adding DNS records with Cloudflare

Adding a MX record

Icloud asks us to create two MX records with the value and

In the host field of your DNS record, you can leave blank or write @ or the actual domain. In the value add one of the MX records and another one in next. Set priority value to 10 and TTL time for execution to lowest or the one you desire.

For me, this is what it looks like after I have added both MX records on my Cloudflare’s DNS.

adding mx record

Adding TXT records

We need to add two TXT records as asked by the iCloud configuration. The first one is with your personal TXT record which contains your unique TXT record. The second one is for v=spf1

As said above, in the host field of your DNS record, you can leave blank or write @ or the actual domain. In the content or value of the text record, provide the text records provided by iCloud.

This is what it looks like in my case.

txt records for custom email

CNAME record setup

The final part is adding a CNAME record. We have to add a CNAME record with host value of sig1._domainkey and target or pointing to

icloud email cname records

Verifying domain setup

Confirm that you have added all records as instructed.

sucessful setup message icloud

If the setup was successful, you will be given a successful message, else the configurator will suggest to you what has gone wrong and what you have to do to make it work.

I hope you were able to set up your website domain to iCloud as a custom domain.

Do you think this custom email domain service from Apple will be the best selling feature?
I am curious to know what you think about this feature. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Quickest summary

Now it is possible to add your domain to your iCloud mailbox as a custom domain name. You will have to have a paid iCloud storage plan or be on an Apple One subscription. Domain’s DNS records need to be pointed to the iCloud mail server and few settings should be done at iCloud. You can add up to three email addresses and also share the domain’s email addresses with your family members connected to iCloud.


Can I use my own domain with iCloud email?

Yes, you can use your domain with iCloud for email service. Please check this guide for more.

Can you create your own email domain?

In iCloud, you can add a domain you already own.

Is it possible to point a domain name I already own to iCloud?

Yes you can point a domain name you have to iCloud, you will have to add DNS records to point your domain name to iCloud‘s address.

Do I need to buy a domain from iCloud to use a custom email domain?

iCloud or apple doesn’t provide the option of buying a domain but you can add a domain you have to iCloud as a custom domain or buy a new domain from domain registrars like Namecheap, Godaddy.

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