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Adsense Automatic Payment Pending [Here’s What This Means For You]

Are you worried about seeing your Google Adsense’s payment pending?

Don’t stress!

Trust me, this is actually a good sign than a bad sign!

Yes, I will explain to you what exactly the term automatic payment pending means and what you need to do.

First let me share my story, if you want to save a minute you can head over to the main section.

Why is my Adsense account showing automatic payment pending?

I have a small YouTube channel and from the ads displayed on the channel, I feel lucky enough to generate some revenue.

Similar might be the case for you. You might be earning revenue by blogging or publishing videos on YouTube via Google Adsense.

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Generally, Adsense starts to issue payments for the previous month from the 21st of the current month.

And in my case, it always used to happen smoothly. Google used to send the payment on 21st or 22nd and it would arrive in my Nepali bank account in a couple of days.

But this time, I noticed something different!

I logged into my AdSense account and went to the payments tab. It showed my payment by wire transfer (bank transfer) in pending status.

what it means when your payment is pending in adsense
Adsense transaction showing pending for automatic payment

At first, I was like, oh no what went wrong, am I not getting the payment?

I also noticed that for the first time tax was deducted from the generated revenue and it was paid to the tax office already but payment to my bank account was pending.

Was it because of this tax stuff?
Out of 105$ total revenue earned, 15$ was paid for tax and payment of 90$ was pending.
Was it because 90$ was less than the threshold of 100$ it was pending?

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I did a quick Google search and here’s what I found and what happened.

What does it mean when adsense automatic payment is pending?

Well, let me tell you straight – you are receiving your money soon.

After doing a quick Google search I found nothing but positive signs.

It is in pending because the bank transfer has been initiated automatically and the status will change to pay when it is reviewed by the team. It won’t take more than a couple of days and your earning status will change to paid and in few days the amount will get wired to your bank account.

And in fact, in my case, the pending status changed to paid in about 24 hours and I got the earning in my Nepali bank in a few days afterwards.

adsense automatic payment pending to bank transfer
Transaction status changed from pending in about a day

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Quickest summary

If your transaction status is showing “automatic payment pending” in your AdSense account, your payment has been already initiated and being reviewed so in pending status and will arrive in your nominated bank account in few days.

There is nothing to worry about and there is nothing you have to do. Oh yeah, there’s one thing you have to do – calm and relax and make plans on how to spend your earning. 😀

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