How to Uninstall EpocCam Virtual Microphone from macOS [Video Guide]

Looking for a solution to uninstall EpocCam virtual microphone from macOS on your computer?

This short how-to guide will help you with this.

Based on my personal experience and how I was able to remove this virtual microphone from EpocCam, I have explained the right and easy way here below.

What is EpocCam virtual microphone

EpocCam is an application that runs on your computer macOS or Windows that makes it possible to use your mobile phone as a high-quality webcam for your computer.

And EpocCam when installed on your macOS will also set up a virtual microphone for use as a microphone. You can choose which microphone to use from system preferences or through the application being used.

Why do you need EpocCam microphone on your macOS

EpocCam microphone when installed on your macOS it can pass the audio from your mobile device to your computer system. It will establish the external audio from a mobile device as a virtual microphone and supply the input the operating system.

EpocCam application is popular among students, content creators and anyone who wants to get better video quality for video calls and streaming from their mobile camera be it from iPhone or android.

You can use this application for Zoom, OBS, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet etc.

How to install EpocCam on macOS

While the main focus of this blog post is to emphasise how to uninstall EpocCam virtual microphone from your macOS, let me share with you how you can install this application as well.

You have to download and install the EpocCam app from the app store on your computer. After installing the app, connect your phone to the computer via USB or wifi connection. And finally, select EpocCam camera as the camera input for your streaming software or from system preferences.

How to uninstall EpocCam virtual microphone on macOS

You might find uninstalling the EpocCam virtual microphone on macOS a bit tricky if you haven’t done previously. But don’t worry! I found it to be easier than I thought.

1 minute video tutorial on uninstalling EpocCam microphone

If you prefer watching videos to reading, please check the following 1-minute screencast tutorial. Scroll a little for text-based instructions.

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Your guide to uninstall EpocCam virtual microphone

While it isn’t possible to uninstall this microphone from the applications tab, we can do this by running a simple single command.

Just open up your terminal application and copy-paste the following command and execute it.

sudo /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/EpocCamPlugIn.plugin/Contents/Resources/

Please provide your sudo user password when prompted.

This will automatically uninstall the EpocCam virtual microphone from your macOS.

If in case this didn’t work, the official documentation suggests you run few more commands. You can find the commands here.


The right way to uninstall the virtual microphone from EpocCam on macOS is by running a single script/ command through the terminal. Check this for the detailed instructions.

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