Skills to learn before coming to Australia as a Student

Been living in Australia as an international student from Nepal and based on our experience, here are the top skills a student needs to learn before coming to Australia.

So you have started processing your student visa application or have already got your visa and you are stressing about what to earn before you reach Australia.
I understand this situation as I also have been through the same before.

While there aren’t any particular skills to have or not to have but any skill or knowledge is good to have than not to have.

Why should you have skills before arriving in Australia?

Personally, what I have felt is having some saleable skills and expertise helps you to get the job you want in Australia, boosts your resume and also increases your motivation and confidence while applying for a job or even while working.

  • boosts your resume and profile
  • helps you stand out from the crowd
  • increases your chance of getting the desired job in Australia quicker
  • helps you to stay motivated and confident in the whole process

Okay, now let me share with you some of the helpful skills to have. All these skills aren’t mandatory and differ with individual choices and goals, feel free to add those you are interested to your list.

What skills to learn before going to Australia?

Upgrade your technological skills

While we were in Nepal, we rarely used navigation services like Google Maps for travelling but after coming here we realised is learning to use Google Maps is very essential.

Not just Google Maps, but having a good computer and tech knowledge on how to do different things will certainly make your life easier here in Australia.

Learn to drive and obtain your licence

Yes, you can use an overseas licence in Australia!

If you ask me what is one thing I would like to go back and fix (talking about these skills), I will always answer I want to go back and fix my laziness of not getting a driver’s licence while I was in Nepal and had a lot of time.

In Australia, as you start working and attending university, you will realise that you are spending a lot of time on the commute. Time saved in travel is like saving money. Having a personal car will make it easier for you to travel places, go to work and buy groceries and even more. Let’s not forget that some jobs will require you to have a valid driving licence as well.

You can learn to drive here in Australia as well but the reason why I’m suggesting you do it in your home country if you have time is you will save a lot of time, money and effort.

Cosmetics, makeup and beautician skills

If you are interested in cosmetics, makeup, haircare and personal care then it might be worth learning these skills from short training or courses. You can utilise these skills to find a job or even start your own business.

Some popular fields are:

  • makeup
  • haircut
  • threading and nail care
  • cosmetics and beautification

Tattooing and piercing

I always admire tattoo artists for their effort and the art they create. If you are interested in body art and piercing, this skill can also be helpful for you in long run in Australia to find a job or to be your own boss of your business.

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Cooking and household skills

Why is it even on the list?
It is because it is a very important skill to have! If you don’t know the basics of cooking for yourself then now is the right time to observe and try from your family members. As you start living by yourself in Australia, cooking and household skills like laundry, and cleaning help you to minimise the cost to go out and eat or hire somebody else.

And if you are fond of cooking, you can start selling the food you make like Nepali momo from the comfort of your home!


Among the most recommended skills, hospitality skills are at the top of the list. Having some hospitality skills and experience will help you to get a job quicker. A lot of international students in Australia work in the hospitality sector. Some of the popular roles are:

  • barista
  • bartending
  • waiter/ waitress
  • housekeeping

Photography, Digital Media and IT skills

Fond of taking photos? Now is the time to turn your hobby into your profession.
Having photography skills and experience can help you to freelance or work for somebody else. We have seen a lot of community events going on in Australia, and people tend to prefer events, weddings, engagements etc photographers of their community so if you have such skills you have a high chance of making some money or getting a job.

The same is the case in the digital media and IT sector if you have these skills you can sell yourself and finance your study in Australia.

Communication skills

As you start working in Australia, your communication skills play a vital role in your performance. Be it email etiquette, professional business communication or documentation skills, having good control over your fluency and grammar is important.

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