How to get a YouTube Premium Student subscription discount [Easy Way]

Here’s the easy way to get your YouTube Premium Student subscription. Also included: everything you need to know about this subscription service, why you should get it and things you need to be aware of.

In this blog post, I will take you through the process of subscribing to YouTube‘s premium service for students and also briefly discuss what the premium service has to offer and things you need to be aware of.

First, let us talk a little bit about the YouTube premium student service.

YouTube Premium 101

What is a YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription-based service provided by popular video platform YouTube to its customers.

This service was branded as YouTube Red until 2018 when it was changed to its current name - YouTube Premium.

With YouTube Premium users can browse and watch the YouTube videos ad-free – without getting interrupted by ads, access the YouTube original contents and enjoy the premium benefit of YouTube music.

YouTube Premium plansCost in AUD/month
(A$19.99 via YouTube on iPhone)
(A$29.99 via YouTube on iPhone)


While content available are almost the same with normal YouTube user and premium user, here are the most popular features of YouTube Premium:

  1. available on multiple platforms and apps
    web, smart phones including android and iOS and smart speakers via YouTube, YouTube music, YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids
  2. ad free YouTube experience
    Get rid of ads once and for all, not just in any YouTube page but also never get interrupted when you are enjoying your favorite show
  3. download videos and save offline:
    It is time to save your data when you travel! You can download multiple videos and save offline on the same YouTube app and watch later.
  4. keep playing in the background
    You can keep lock your phone or use another app but still keep your favorite playing on background with YouTube app
  5. enjoy the vast music library with YouTube Music even offline!

YouTube Premium vs YouTube Premium for Student

  • YouTube Premium Student plan is the same YouTube Premium service but discounted and only available to eligible students.
  • YouTube Premium for students has all the same features as YouTube Premium.
  • To sign up for this service you’ll have to verify your student status while signing up and every year for four years.

YouTube’s student plan is almost half the regular price. So, if you are a student and looking to get a YouTube premium then you should go for a student plan without thinking any further.

Why should you get YouTube Premium Student subscription?

By this time I’m somewhat sure that you have decided if YouTube Premium is the right choice for you or not. But don’t worry if you are still deciding, here are some of my top reasons for subscribing to YouTube Premium.

  • to enjoy the YouTube experience without those boring, repititive and interrupting advertisements
  • to be able to download and save videos, music and audio offline and watch or stream whenever you feel like
  • to enjoy what the vast collection of YouTube Music has to offer be it online or offline
  • stream your cat’s favorite videos or audio to smart displays, speakers or TVs when you are not in home by not letting your cat annoyed and confused how to press skip ads button

How to get YouTube Premium Student

Signing up for the YouTube Premium student plan is fairly straightforward.

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I have made a video tutorial on how to do this, which is linked below. Or you can continue to read the text-based instructions after the video.

Time needed: 2 minutes

Here are the all details explained about getting your premium plan with YouTube as a student.

  1. Open up the YouTube Premium student sign up page

    On your web browser (preferably on a computer) open

  2. Get familiar

    Instead of rushing to sign up, go through the details mentioned on this page. What you can expect from premium student subscription and scroll to find the FAQs as well.

  3. Click on the Try it for free button

    Once you are ready click on the Try it for free button that takes you to the Google login page and lets you choose the desired Google account and/ or YouTube account.

  4. Tap on Continue on the popup to goto SheerID

    The popup display says that your student status will be verified with SheerID, a third-party service used by YouTube to verify student eligibility.

  5. Fill up the sign-up form

    On the sign-up form, select and provide details like your country and your university/ college name, your legal full name and your contact email for communication; which can be the same or different than the one you are signing up for the premium subscription. Submit your form by pressing the Next button.

  6. Verify your student status

    You can verify your student status in two ways, whichever is convenient for you.
    – Verifying using school credentials is instant and you’ll be taken to log in with your university/ school’s credential to automatically verify your status
    – Verifying using document review can take some time as it has to be reviewed manually and may take up to 48 hours.
    you’ll have to upload your university/ school’s document showing your enrollment status like an identity card or transcript or any school-issued document

  7. Check your email for verification status

    You’ll get an email message saying that your student status has been verified and you can finish setting up by clicking on the Finish Signup button

  8. Complete the subscription process by adding a payment method

    You will get a month of free trial which you can cancel any time. You will be charged only after your trial ends. You can link your PayPal account or add your credit/ debit card details. You might get charged 1$ for verifying your payment method, which will be automatically refunded after verifying.

  9. Sit back, relax and enjoy the joys of YouTube premium

    That is it, your subscription is active and now is the right time to make the best of the YouTube premium subscription.

Using your premium subscription

To use your premium subscription of YouTube, you don’t need to do anything. You can continue browsing YouTube as you would normally do and it would be automatically updated to YouTube Premium, be it on your web or mobile apps.

You can always manage and cancel your YouTube Premium Student subscription by going to

Things to keep in mind

Okay, let me share with you some things that you might be interested to know.

  • your student subscription will last for 4 years and you’ll have to verify you are a student every year
  • all the features and services are exactly the same in between YouTube Premium and YouTube Premium for students
  • YouTube Premium costs almost the double – A$14.99/month (A$19.99/month when subscribing via YouTube app on iPhone) while Student Premium costs A$8.99/month.
  • your student plan can’t be shared with family members or anyone
  • verifying your student status is quick and simple


How do I verify my YouTube student?

To verify your student status for getting a YouTube Premium subscription, you can verify online from the page. You can verify by logging in with your university login or by uploading your student document. details

How much does YouTube Premium cost for students?

YouTube Premium for students is A$8.99 (USD 6.99) per month after verification of student status.

How does YouTube Premium verify student status?

YouTube Premium uses SheerID to verify student status. You can verify your student status easily by logging in via your university account or by uploading your student document.

Can college students get YouTube Premium?

Yes, college, school and university students can apply to get verified to get YouTube Premium service subject to the criteria that you meet the requirement.

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