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who am I?

I am just a normal human with no special talents or intelligence.

But with time, I have been able to learn new things, develop ideas into reality and gain more skill-set and knowledge.

I am a Digital Media Marketer from Himalayan country Nepal temporarily living in South Australia with Sonisha and our cat Eleven.

what do I do?

About a decade ago, I turned my hobby of Digital Media Marketing into a challenging full-time profession.
Since then no two days have been the same for me.
I have worked with businesses from education and events to finance and real estate helping them to scale up their sales and customer relations through creative digital media with proven results.

expertise and interests

Being a self-taught digital marketer, I have interests in multiple fields and have been able to gain expertise on a few.

what I am doing now

When I am free and in-home, most of the time I enjoy publishing web and video content on YouTube and online.


Based on my personal experience, I write everything related to technology, travel and life at

I share our stories of living with a cat and lessons learned at

I try to promote and publicise my hometown Galkot and its tourism from

Creating videos

I publish short tech related YouTube videos at Knowledge Server Plus which consists of simple tutorials, how-to and some advanced topics.

Sonisha and I together have developed a hobby of creating videos talking about living in Australia as a student and our travel videos which are live on channel Lakshman and Sonisha

Being social

I share content about my hometown Galkot on Facebook and Instagram.

Not to forget I love sharing our cat Eleven’s photos and videos on Eleven’s TikTok and her Instagram.

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