Helicopter Services in Nepal [List of Companies & Charter Operators]

A comprehensive list of helicopter service operators in Nepal including their website, contact and fleet details. Also included facts about Nepali heli aviation and frequently asked questions.

Nepal being a Himalayan country with varying geographical structures across the three regions- Terai, Hilly and Mountains have seen massive growth in helicopter services.
Almost a dozen commercial helicopter companies are in operation in Nepal.

These companies provide different types of heli services catering for the different needs of clients. Services range from normal travel flights, mountain flights, cargo and charter flights, rescue and air ambulance services.

This informative blog post is developed to give you general information regarding the various helicopter operators in Nepal both commercially and service focussed.
You can also find frequently asked questions about chopper flights in Nepal in the later section of this blog.

Helicopter services in Nepal

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According to the aviation regulatory body of Nepal – Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) there are currently ten commercial helicopter companies in Nepal.
These companies provide domestic short range and long range chopper flights in Nepal.

Some of the common areas being covered by these operators in Nepal are:

  • chartered flights
  • cargo and courier flights
  • heli tour services
  • search rescue and medical evacuation
  • aerial photography and videography
  • an expedition, adventure (skydive, skiing) and pilgrimage tours

Nepal Army has its own fleet of range of helicopters and is used for defense and military purposes.

Interesting facts about helicopter service in Nepal

  • There are helicopter tour packages to give you the experience of Everest and the wilderness
  • On May 14, 2005, Didier Delsalle set a world record for landing helicopter at the summit of Everest
  • Hollywood movie Everest is inspired and features the riskiest rescue flight done by Nepal Army Pilot Lt. Col. Madan KC who flew an MI-17 helicopter to 5700 metres to rescue mountaineers in 1996


Helicopter charter in Nepal

Almost all helicopter companies in Nepal offer chartered helicopter flights for customers. Charter flights are the most popular business domain for operators in Nepal.

If you need to book a charter flight you can directly contact the helicopter company of your choice and make the booking. You can also use third-party services and tour operators to book chartered flights.

Please see below for the list of chartered helicopter flights operators in Nepal.

List of helicopter operators in Nepal

According to the CAAN, the following companies are providing general and commercial helicopter services in Nepal.

Air Dynasty Heli Services

Established in 1993, Air Dynasty Heli Services is a Nepali helicopter operator providing commercial and chartered helicopter services in Nepal. Air Dynasty was established by Ang Tshering Sherpa who also founded Yeti Airlines.

Phone977 9801089842
Fleet4 (AS350B3e, AS350B3e, AS 350 FX II, AS 350 FX II)
Certified flying range6,000 feet to 20,000 feet AMSL

Altitude Air

Altitude Air is a newly established Nepali helicopter operator catering chartered, rescue flights, heli tours and filming and photography flights. It was established in 2016.

Fleet1 (Eurocopter AS350 B3e)

Fishtail Air

A helicopter charter company operating within Nepal and sometimes transborder flights according to the demand in Bhutan and India, Fishtail Air was established in 1997 AD.

Fleet4 (Eurocopter AS350 B3e, Eurocopter AS350 B3+, Bell Jet Ranger 206)

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Heli Everest

Operating two units of Airbus helicopters – AS 350 B3e and established in 2016, Heli Everest is one of the youngest helicopter operators in Nepal. It provides charter flights, rescue operations, aerial sight-seeing, customized tours and heli picnic services.

Fleet2 (AS 350 B3e)

Kailash Helicopter Service

Operating from 2016, Kailash Helicopter Service provides its services with three units of 3 units of AS350 B3 helicopters.

Phone+977 9801908301
Fleet3 (AS 350 B3)

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Manang Air

One of the oldest helicopter operators in Nepal, Manang Air established in 1997 AD currently provides its services with its 2 single-engine lightweight aircraft.

Fleet2 (Eurocopter AS350 B3e)

Mountain Helicopters

Mountain Helicopters is one of the helicopter service oprator in Nepal providing different heli flights in Nepal with its 3 fleet of aircrafts.

Phone+977 1-4111031
Fleet3 ( AS350 B3e, AS350 B2, EC130B4)

Prabhu Helicopters

Operating under the umbrella of Prabhu Group, Prabhu Helicopters is one of the youngest and largest (in terms of the fleet) helicopter service operators in Nepal.

Fleet6 ( Robinson R44, Robinson R66, Airbus, AS350 B3e)

Shree Airlines

Shree Airlines Pvt. Ltd. is one of the first private airlines in Nepal to operate chartered helicopter services. Today Shree Airlines stands as the largest operator of Mi-17 helicopters in south-east Asia, with a fleet that also includes AS 350 B3e helicopters. (source: shreeairlines.com)

Fleet8 ( MI 17, AS350B3e) as of October 2019

Simrik Air

Simrik Air was established in 2001 and provides helicopter services in Nepal. It has a fleet size of 5 aircraft consisting of four AS350 B3e and Bell 407GXP helicopters as of June 2020.

Fleet5 ( AS350B3e, Bell 407GXP)

Nepal Army

Even though not a commercial operator, it is a common sight to see a green bird flying in the Nepali sky. Nepal Army’s helicopters are primarily used for military and defence purposes, army and cargo transportation, training and warfare. Nepal Army’s helicopters are also used for rescues and evacuation, VVIP flights and some chartered and paid rescue flights.

Fleet11 (Mil Mi17, AS350, SA315, AW139, HAL Dhruv)


How many helicopter companies are there in Nepal?

According to the record of CAAN (Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal), currently there are 10 licensed helicopter service operators in Nepal.

How much does a helicopter cost in Nepal?

How can I call helicopter in Nepal?

If in an emergency Please call 100 (police) else you can make an individual call to each helicopter operators or make use of services like nepalhelicopters.com

Can you take a helicopter to Everest Base Camp?

Yes you can fly to Everest Base Camp (EBC) straight from different parts of Nepal.

Can helicopters fly over Everest?

It is nearly impossible and extremely challenging for a helicopter to fly over Everest because of altitude and air density. However successful attempts have been made to land a chopper at the summit.


Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN)https://caanepal.gov.np/air-transport/airlines/domestic
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