How to Get QR Coded Covid Vaccination Certificate in Nepal

Your ultimate guide explaining how to get a QR Coded Covid Vaccination Certificate in Nepal

First, take a long breath and pat yourself!
Why? Because you have got vaccinated yourself against the highly infectious Covid-19 virus also known as Coronavirus.

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Now let us talk the business.
Once you have been vaccinated, there is a simple process to obtain your vaccination certificate in Nepal.

In this post, I will try to explain to you all about this certificate which comes with a QR code. We will start by talking about what this is and why it is needed then move on to how to apply online and print it and in the final part we will briefly chat about what this certificate has in itself.

If you are interested in learning more about the Covid-19 virus and vaccines, please check this external article from WHO.

QR code Covid vaccination certificate in Nepal

Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP), Nepal issues the vaccination certificates for the residents in Nepal who have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

This certificate is an official document provided by the Government of Nepal once you have completed the necessary doses of your vaccination against the Covid-19 also known as Coronavirus.

The certificate contains a QR code, which can be scanned to verify the authenticity of the vaccination proof online as mentioned on the certificate. Vaccination details like vaccine type, vaccination date and batch number are mentioned on the certificate.

Why do you need to get a Covid vaccination certificate from MOHP, Nepal?

While it isn’t mandatory to get your vaccination certificate it is always wiser to get one.

Covid vaccination certificate with QR code issued by the MOHP, Nepal is proof and an official document saying that you have been vaccinated against the infectious disease.

Some of the reasons why you should get your Covid vaccination certificate are:

  • it is a written and official proof stating you have been vaccinated against the infectious covid-19 virus
  • if you are intending to travel abroad, almost all the airlines and government regulators require you to be fully vaccinated and present your vaccination proof unless you have valid exemption
  • this process helps Nepal Government to get the better insights on vaccination status, formulate plan and policies accordingly
  • many businesses abroad have started making a policy of the customers visiting the business physically to be fully vaccinated

How to get QR code for Covid vaccine certificate in Nepal

The process of getting your Covid vaccine certificate with a QR code is simple and straightforward. As MOHP has adopted the system of making the whole process digital and online, you can save time and effort by applying from your home.

WHO Nepal has aided MOHP, Nepal in developing the online system for registering, verifying and issuing vaccination certificates.

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Book your vaccination date and get vaccinated

Before you can apply for obtaining your Covid vaccination certificate, you will have to make sure you have got vaccinated. You can book the vaccine all online at this link.

Once you have been vaccinated, you can proceed further.

Documents required

Following documents are required to apply for your Nepal’s QR coded vaccination certificate:

  • passport size photo
  • any identification document: citizenship, passport, driving licence
  • immunization card with the stamp of the vaccination centre
  • if you are in rush to get your certificate for travelling abroad, your application speeded when you include a copy of your visa and flight ticket

Where to apply

MOHP, Nepal encourages you to apply for the certificate online. However, you can also physically visit the NARTC’s Kirtipur to apply in person.

  • submit your application along with required documents online at
  • visit National Ayurveda Research and Training Center (NARTC) (map) in Kirtpur with the documents to apply in person if unable to apply online

Here below, I will explain to you the whole process of registering your records online to receive your vaccine certificate.

Registering your Covid vaccination records online

To register your application for obtaining the certificate online, please visit and initiate the application. Your personal details, vaccination details are required.

  1. Personal indentification and medical history
    Name, address as in identity card, DOB, ethnicity and
  2. Identification document details
    (passport indetification if going abroad soon)
    Goverment issued identity documents are accepted are including citizenship certificate, national ID card, driving licence, election card, disability card and passport
  3. Vaccination details
    Dose, vaccine type, vaccine batch, vaccinated date and location
  4. Upload your documents
    – identity document
    – passport size photo
    – immunization card

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What to do if you get vaccine outside of Nepal?

Don’t worry!

If you have got your Covid vaccination outside of Nepal, you can easily register online in Nepal’s vaccination portal and get your vaccine certificate with a QR code. Please follow the steps:

  • while registering your request for vaccine certiticate at, scroll below to find vaccination status section
  • please make sure you select the appropriate option in Vaccination Status‘s question
Did you take COVID-19 first dose vaccine from outside Nepal? 
  • fill the details of your vaccine like type of vaccine, batch number and city of vaccine
  • do the same if you have taken your second dose abroad as well

After you submit your application

Once your application is submitted, please save the registration number provided as you will require this to access your certificate and records later.

Time required: The general processing time for the application of the certificate can take from 24 to 48 hours.

Check verification status: You can check the status of your application at by providing your registration details like registration number or identity document details along with DOB, mobile number as required.

If your application hasn’t been accepted due to errors, you can resubmit the application with the correct details and wait until it gets accepted. You can check the status of your application by visiting the status page.

Download your Covid vaccine certificate with QR code

Once your application has been approved, you can download your Covid vaccine certificate with a QR code.

To download your Covid vaccination certificate visit and obtain your certificate.

You can download or print your certificate or email it to other recipients.

How to verify Covid vaccine certificate in Nepal

The vaccination certificate issued by the Government of Nepal can be verified by scanning the QR code of the certificate. Scanning this QR code will open up the vaccination records page on the domain which is the official domain of the Ministry of Health and Population in Nepal.

Details like name, address, identification number, registration id, type of covid vaccine, date of vaccination and batch number are mentioned in the vaccination certificate.


how to get a qr code vaccination certicate in Nepal
MOHP’s vaccination website
Book your Covid vaccine
Requesting for verification certificate
Check verification status

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get a covid vaccine certificate in Nepal?

To get your Covid-19 vaccination certificate in Nepal, you need to submit an online application form at and print the generated certificate once approved. details

Where to get a vaccine certificate in Nepal?

You can get your vaccination certificate online in Nepal.

How long does it take to get my vaccination certificate in Nepal?

It can take from 24 to 48 hours.

What information is mentioned in Nepal’s Covid-19 vaccination certificate?

Nepal’s Covid-19 vaccine certificate contains the vaccinated person’s name, address, identification number, registration id, type of covid vaccine, date of vaccination and batch number alongside the QR code.

I am going abroad, can I get my vaccine certificate faster?

Yes, you can select that you are going abroad soon on the application form and provide your passport details.

Does it cost to obtain a vaccine certificate?

No, it is free to obtain your Covid vaccination certificate in Nepal.

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