The Joy of Not Having a Static IP

Are there any good sides of not having a static IP?

For me, there are.
Actually a lot.

Instead of doing a comparison between a static IP and a dynamic IP, in this blog post, I am sharing my joyous experience of not having a static IP.

Before I share my joys, l think it is helpful to brief little about static IP and dynamic IP.

Static IP 101

Every device connected to the internet communicating over the Internet Protocol (IP) has its own unique identification, a decimal (IPv4) or hexadecimal (IPv6) combination called IP Address.

Static IP vs Dynamic IP

With static IP, the IP address of the particular device remains the same all the time, while the IP addresses dynamically change in dynamic IP allocation.

Why static IP?

Static IPs are important and needed for servers, web hosting, data storage and accessing important devices connected to the internet where the address (IP) needs to remain constant as it is accessed or being accessed constantly by one or numerous users.

  • hosting server, files and storage
  • remote connection/ secured VPN connection to the office from home
  • accessing networked devices

Why we don’t need static IP?

Unless we really need a static IP, it is a better idea to stick with dynamic IP. Owning a static IP and managing it comes with some cost and extra effort.

  • expensive and might require to pay extra for getting a static IP
  • configuring and managing needs efforts and knowledge
  • exposes your server/ location, security concerns

By now you have a general idea of what a static IP is and why we mightn’t need it.
Let me share my story – the joy of not having a static IP.

My joy of not having a static IP

The story starts with the Coronavirus pandemic taking heights all around the world. I am currently living in South Australia (SA) and I am subscribed to Vodafone‘s NBN network for internet connection. Yes, I definitely get a static IP as I go with the cheapest NBN plan. 😀

In 2020, I started noticing Ads on YouTube from Victoria, another state in Australia. These ads were targeted and the message was meant for the people in Victoria (VIC). At that time the lockdown situation was a bit different in SA, so the messages from the VIC government didn’t match much for SA.

Not just on YouTube, but on Facebook as well, I started noticing Ads targeted at audiences in Victoria. Later when my IP address changed to ACT, I got ads meant for Darwin and likewise when it changed to NSW’s IP address. I find this very fascinating and interesting. I get to know what is going on around the world just by not having a static IP.

Why was I getting Victorian ads while I was in SA?

The answer is very simple – all because of not having a static IP. 😀

I mean, it is because I was connected to the internet via wifi, NBN internet connection which allocates my router a dynamic IP address. And for some months, I was getting an IP address of Victoria.

As many advertising networks also rely on the IP address for a location to target the audience – I was technically in Victoria for the internet world (unless I give specific location access to the apps).

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When given the device’s location access to the Facebook app, this reduced a lot as Facebook could precisely locate me and deliver relevant ads.

But with not so much smart TV which doesn’t have an inbuilt GPS system, the only way the YouTube app on the TV could predict my location was with the IP address the TV was getting. And you know it, TV was getting the IP address for Victoria. 😀

I also got ads for NSW!

After getting Victorian Ads for several months, now I was noticing ads meant for Sydney and NSW! Wow, this was getting interesting!

And this had happened all because of not static IP!

This time, my ISP had allocated me a NSW IP address, and the whole story just repeated.

Why do I get IP addresses of different locations?

This is the joy of having not having a static IP!

Having a dynamic IP can mean we can be allotted an IP address dynamically from the same or different geographical location than we are in. This means my ISP can allocate me NSW’s or different countries even when I am not there.
Find more on this at this discussion.

Trust me, I am in SA!

I find this very interesting, it seems like I am travelling all around Australia. I wish the ISP could take me to a world tour, so I could get ads meant different countries. 😀

Have you got ads that were not meant for you?
Please comment down, I can’t wait to read your experience.

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