Nepali in Australia [Ultimate Student Guide]

An ultimate guide for Nepali in Australia

Are you planning to come to Australia from Nepal?

If the answer is yes (which certainly is when you’ve searched for this page), you are on the right page.
Here on this page, I’ll share with you all the necessary information you need to know about student life in Australia, things to do before coming to Australia from Nepal, what to do after you come here and how to live better in Australia.

All information shared here is based on our experience of living here in Australia as international students from Nepal.

If you are planning to come to Australia or if you are already here then this blog is going to be helpful for you.

We will start with the reasons why many Nepali students choose Australia for higher education and then talk a bit about the visa process, things to be careful of when coming to Australia, finding jobs and everything that you need to know about Nepali student’s life in Australia.

Why do many Nepali students choose Australia?

While the reason for choosing Australia over other countries might vary with each student, here are some of the commons reasons:

  • quality of education, world-class universities and research facilities
  • large choice of courses and universities to choose from
  • there are numerous scholarship opportunities for Nepali students in Australia; from the Australian government, universities and more
  • international exposure
  • job opportunities
  • to gain the Australian work experience
  • pathway to permanent residency
  • diversified Australian society
  • ample places to visit and discover while studying

check this: Why is Australia such a popular destination for Nepalese students?

Australian student visa process

We’ve found the Australian student visa process is systematic and straightforward. If you meet the requirements of having the required academics, finances, and the right paperwork, your dream of getting Australian isn’t far.

Here are some of the major steps involved in applying for a student visa from Nepal:

  • before you dive further, research and decide if Australia is the right choice for you and if your decision to leave Nepal is correct
  • once you have decided, it is good to have a passport ready as it will be required in steps ahead
  • sit for an English proficiency test like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL etc. IELTS and PTE are accepted by most universities in Australia. Please consult with an agent/ university for the English test entry requirement
  • Gather your academic documents
  • visit different educational consultancies in Nepal, consult, talk, discuss, research by yourself at home on the internet about the courses and universities, check educational institution’s websites and other resources
  • don’t feel pressurised to choose a certain course or university, feel free to decide on your own
  • after you’ve your academic documents and English test score ready, apply for an offer letter. Remember you can apply to multiple universities for an offer letter and doesn’t cost anything.
  • Prepare documents like SOP (Statement of Purpose), academics, English test score, passport, financial documents and declaration, marriage registration if married etc and lodge an application for GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) application
  • once your GTE application has been assessed and approved, it is time to grab a COE (Certificate of Enrollment) from university. For this, you’ll have to pay fees to the university and you can buy student health insurance OSHC through your university as well
    You’ll require a NOC letter to be able to pay fees from the bank in Nepal.
  • apply for an Australian student visa with the COE obtained, all the necessary documents like passport, SOP, academic etc
  • the Australian High Commission may call you for an oral interview anytime after visa application. Also, your university/ college may as well take an interview while assessing your GTE application
  • after your lodge your visa, you’ll be given a HAP id which will be required to book a medical assessment for a visa and you’ll have to do a biometrics scan at VFS Global, Kathmandu
  • that’s all, now sit back, relax and spend time with your family! Eat lots of momos 😀

Arriving in Australia from Nepal

Congratulations on securing the Australian student visa and welcome!

I understand you’ll have several questions and be slightly nervous about what to do and what not to do. But don’t stress, here are some things you need to do before you arrive in Australia:

  • organize your documents, scan and make copies if necessary
  • book a plane ticket
  • organise someone to pick you up at the airport, request/ find a room at your destination
    check this video on how to find a room/ find someone to pick you up at the airport
  • make a bank draft, exchange Australian currency to bring money to Australia from Nepal
  • go for shopping, buy and pack only what is necessary.
    Please check this guide for what to pack, what not to pack and to download the shopping list
  • Get vaccinated if not already, and get your vaccination certificate, fill out a DPD form before departing Nepal
  • note down on paper – your destination address, university address, and contact details of the person picking you up in Australia

Accommodation and renting

There are different accommodation options for Nepali students in Australia. As per my knowledge, here are some of the common accommodation types, Nepalese students choose in Australia:

  • sharing a single room with another Nepali student
  • living in a shared unit/ house by renting one bedroom with another Nepali couple or anyone
  • renting a unit/ house
  • living in a student housing, university student apartments, hostels etc
  • homestay with an Australian family

Nepali communities

In which state you may go, you’ll be surprised to find Nepali communities and groups in that place. This way, you won’t feel lost and can participate in Nepali community events and get social.

There are numerous Nepali restaurants, grocery shops, sports clubs, NGOs, student support organisations, social media pages and groups in each state. So, make sure you stay connected with the Nepali communities by subscribing to their social media channels.

Studying in Australia

More than 50,000 Nepali students are enrolled in Australia at different education levels. Nepali students come to Australia for different levels:

  • English language courses
  • certificate
  • diploma, advanced diploma
  • bachelors
  • masters and higher

Here are some of the courses which are very common among Nepali students in Australia:

  1. nursing (Diploma of Nursing, Bachelors of Nursing)
  2. cookery
  3. computer science and IT
  4. engineering
  5. business
  6. social work
  7. community service and individual support

Jobs in Australia for Nepali students

International students in Australia are legally allowed to work while studying in Australia. Many Nepali students do a casual/ part-time job as they are doing their studies in Australia.

Such job opportunities help a student to earn some living expenses, gain local experience and help the Australian economy going.

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Here are some of the common job fields in Australia, that Nepali students are doing:

  1. health services: nursing, individual support, disability support, community support
  2. hospitality: kitchen hand, cook, chef, manager, waiter, waitress, cleaner, laundry staff
  3. retail: customer support, sales, cashier, night-fill, manager
  4. corporate: sales agents, counsellors, business managers, migration agents, real estate, property managers
  5. IT support, programming and networking
  6. digital media marketing
  7. photography and videography
  8. delivery
  9. farm-hand, car wash
  10. call-centre, data entry

What to do after completing your study

After you complete your studies in Australia, there are different options to choose from. While some students return back to Nepal to utilise the education and knowledge learnt here in Australia, many stay here to enhance their career and life goals.

Once you complete your studies, here are some of the ideas you can do:

  • celebrate
  • Attend graduation ceremony
  • Apply for Post Study Work visa
  • Returning back to your home country
  • Enhance your career and skills
  • Grow your online presence
  • Foster your network
  • Take further study
  • Do your skill assessment and apply for permanent residency

read these ideas in detail here

Scholarships for Nepali students in Australia

If you are deserving and curious to know if there are any scholarship opportunities for Nepalese students in Australia, then let me tell you that this is absolutely possible.

Almost every educational institutions have scholarships.

  • Australia Awards Scholarship for Nepali students
  • Scholarships by Australian educational providers for their students
    (please check the university’s website )

Working visa for Australia from Nepal

Recently, after we started publishing videos about Nepali student life in Australia, we frequently get messages asking about work visas in Australia from Nepal.
Just in case, if you were wondering if it is possible to come to Australia directly to work on a work visa then it is possible!

Yes, it is possible provided that you meet all the requirements and you have the necessary qualifications and experience. If you have a qualification and have enough work experience in the field, then you might be interested in this. Please check online or with a migration agent for your skill assessment and different visa options for you.

Find more at this official website.


How many Nepali students are there in Australia?

Around 50,000 Nepali students were enrolled in the educational sector in Australia as of June 2021, according to

How much do Nepalese students earn in Australia?

The total earnings differ with each student. Since a student has to attend his/ her university, the total earnings might be slightly less than the normal individual who can work full time in Australia.
As of today, international students can work full-time hours in Australia temporarily. The minimum pay rate in Australia is AUD 20.33 per hour.

Have you got any questions? Feel free to leave in the comment section below.

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