Process of Obtaining Bank Draft in Nepal

This post is about how you can obtain a Bank Draft from a major banks in Nepal. I am sharing this information on the basis of how I obtained one from Nepal Bank Limited.

This process is almost similar in every banks throughout the country.

What is a Bank Draft?

In simple words, it is a cheque (AC payee), that you obtain from Nepal’s Bank which you can carry with you to your destination country and deposit there in destination country’s bank account.

Wikipedia defines Bank Draft as:

A banker’s draft is a cheque provided to a customer of a bank or acquired from a bank for remittance purposes, that is drawn by the bank, and drawn on another bank or payable through or at a bank.

A normal cheque represents an instruction to transfer a sum of money from the drawer’s account to the payee’s account.

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Why do you need Bank Draft?

If you are travelling abroad, you might need some foreign currency for different purposes. You can carry money in the form of cash, bank draft or in debit/ credit cards.

  • carrying huge cash with you is riskier and might be harder to get a lot of cash in Nepal
  • it might be hard to find foreign currencies in cash in Nepal, so taking demand draft cheque might be the right choice
  • you need to take some money from Nepal to abroad in a legal way
  • obtaining international debit/ cards in Nepal isn’t that tough but has a long process

What do you need to make a bank draft?

You can make bank drafts for several purposes, and the documents required may vary with different destination countries and banks in Nepal.

I visited Nepal Bank Limited and found this helpful information there, this might be helpful for you too!

Documents Required for Obtaining Bank Draft for Australia:

  • photocopy of your passport
  • photocopy of your visa
  • photocopy of your ticket

Documents Required for Obtaining Bank Draft for USA:

  • photocopy of passport
  • photocopy of visa
  • photocopy of ticket

Documents Required for Obtaining Bank Draft for Japan First Time:

1. No Objection Letter (Original Bank Copy and Customer Copy )
2. Eligibility Certificate
3. College Invoice (Photocopy)
4. Passport (Photocopy)
5. Citizenship Photocopy
6. Admission Letter

Documents Required for Obtaining Bank Draft for Japan Second Time:

1. No Objection Letter (Original)
2. College Invoice (Photocopy)
3. Residence Card (Photocopy)
4. Passport (Photocopy)

Bank Draft General Process

After you have general documents required, you need to visit Bank which provides Bank Draft services. To be sure, you can make a call prior to visiting.

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In the bank, proceed to the respective counter asking at reception and they will hand you with the application form. In the application form, you mention all necessary details like the amount required in USD or AUD or currency you want, and other vital details like ticket number, passport number.

After you submit your application, one of the officer will check your form and hand you a slip where details like Nepalese Rupees equivalent is mentioned, which you have to pay to Nepali Bank.

You need to make equivalent cash/ cheque deposit in respective Bank’s name for the amount you are receiving bank draft.

After you make a deposit to Bank’s name, visit back again to Bank Draft section and they will carry the process further ahead.

In about hour or two your bank draft will be ready to collect.

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What after

After you get your bank draft, keep it safe with you. Make sure it doesn’t get damaged.
Once, you come to your destination country you can withdraw cash from the relevant bank or deposit it to your desired bank account.

If you happen to withdraw from a different bank than the one your draft issuer is tied up with here in the destination country, few business days might require for processing. Don’t worry about this, your bank will provide you with information appropriate to you.

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