Bringing Money to Australia from Nepal [How to & How much]

Thinking of bringing in cash with you while coming to Australia from Nepal?
Wait and read this blog in full, before you decide further.

Because bringing money to Australia from Nepal involves making sure you don’t breach both countries’ laws and regulations and that you are bringing the cash to Australia in the right way.

Since you will be departing from Nepal, you’ll have to comply with Nepal’s policy for carrying foreign currency outside of Nepal with you, and while arriving in Australia, you need to make sure you comply with the Australian regulations.

But worry not, we will discuss all these in detail in this post, keep reading.

First, let’s start with how much money you can carry from Nepal.

How much cash can I carry from Nepal to Australia?

According to Nepal Rastra Bank’s regulation, While you are departing from Nepal you can exchange and carry up to 5,000 USD with you provided that it is mentioned on your passport‘s foreign currency exchange page.
The maximum amount one bank may provide you might differ from individual banks. So, it is best to consult directly with the bank.

Check the full official notice here.

Bringing money to Australia, Australia Laws

When you are coming to Australia, AUSTRAC states that you can bring an unlimited amount of money into Australia, but any cash amount of more than A$10,000 should be declared.

  • you can bring as much cash as you want with you to Australia
  • cash more than AUD 10,000 should be declared

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How to bring money to Australia while coming from Nepal?

Cash isn’t the only of bring money with you while coming to Australia from Nepal. You can also bring a bank draft from Nepal, which can be more secure and safer to carry.
The bank draft’s amount will be accessible to you only after depositing in the destination bank. Check this guide to know how to obtain a bank draft in Nepal.

  • you can carry cash notes with you, but make sure you are following the government regulations
  • prepare a bank draft and bring it to Australia
  • take your debit/credit card which is accepted in Australia and international travel card issued by banks for the purpose of travel

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Thing to know

Now let us do a quick summary of bringing money into Australia from Nepal.

  • you can carry up to 5000USD with you while departing from Nepal as a service provided by the bank after presenting your passport
  • Australia has no limitation on how much cash you can carry into Australia, but any amount more than A$10,000 should be declared (how to declare)
  • you can take your money in the form of bank draft and credit cards as well with you while coming to Australia from Nepal
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