How to fix Google Home automatically stopping music after a few seconds

Is your Google assistant device starting to stop the music you asked to play after a few seconds?

I have a solution for you in this post. Based on my personal experience, I will share how I solved this irritating issue in less than a minute.

The context

I have a Google Home Mini and use it to control devices at home, sometimes play music and ask questions. Recently what I noticed was the Google Home device was stopping the music after playing for a few seconds.

At first, I thought it was just an error and I ignored it.
But later, after I started noticing that the music is being stopped for no clear reasons I started getting irritated and felt the urge to fix this issue.

I tried restarting the device, reconnecting to the internet, disconnecting and connecting the Spotify music streaming service but none worked. Sometimes the songs used to get skipped and again stop later.

While casting from the phone to the Google Home I could see the songs being skipped and the music stopped for no clear reason.

After a few Google searches, I was able to find the solution to this problem. And yes, it indeed solved my problem. Hence I am writing this post to help you enjoy the music without getting interrupted.

Solution – Music stops on Google Mini

To fix this problem all I had to do is reset the Google Home Mini!

How simple it sounds, isn’t it?

It is actually simple and easy in real as well.

You have to reset the Google Home or nest device by physically pressing the reset button available at the bottom part of your device.

After resetting, you’ll have to set it up again with your Google Home app on your phone.

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And, you’ll be surprised to find that gone are the days your Google Home Mini or Google Nest smart speaker used to automatically stop the music after 5-10 seconds.

How to reset your Google Home smart speaker

In my case to reset my Google Home Mini, I had to press and hold the factory reset button at the back for the speaker near to the power cable. Reset starts after pressing for 5 seconds and I had to continue pressing for 10 seconds and more to confirm the reset.

If you are using other Google Home or Nest devices the reset process may slightly differ. Please check this official support article about Factory reset Google Nest or Home speakers or displays.

How to setup your Google Home device after resetting

  • After you have done a factory reset, ensure that your smart speaker or display is powered on.
  • Initiate the setup process through your Google Home app on your android or iPhone.
  • You’ll have to choose to add a new device to start the setup process.
  • please refer to this article on Setting up your Google Nest or Home speaker or display


The easiest way to fix your Google Home or Nest device problem of stopping music after a few seconds is by factory resetting the smart speaker or display and setting up the device again via the Google Home app. You can factory reset the smart device physically or by your voice command depending upon your device.

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  1. I’ve tried to reboot the speakers, and did the factory reset of each speaker. This did not solve the issue. The music still stops playing after several minutes of playing.


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