Exchanging foreign currencies in Nepal


Rupiya is the main currency of Nepal. Indian currencies are also accepted in Nepal but not everywhere and bigger notes are not accepted. Local shops or other monetary transactions are carried out only in Nepalese Rupees.

Please refer to this official government site to know about the latest exchange rates and currencies accepted by Nepali Banks. ( Remember Buying rate and Selling rate are in viewpoint of bank, if you need foreign currency then look for its selling rate, and if you need to obtain Nepalese Currency by exchanging foreign currency then look for its buying rate )

If you need to obtain Nepalese Currency by exchanging foreign currency, then are two main options for you :

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  • by visiting any Private Money Exchange outlets
    • remember they might take commission and you mightn’t get in the actual exchange rate
    • you also won’t need any documents to exchange here
  • the other genuine way is to visit the nearest Foreign Exchange Department of Government Banks or private banks too. I prefer to visit Nepal Bank Limited located at New road as it is centrally located in Kathmandu.
    • you can exchange any foreign currencies (Currencies accepted by that bank for more info visit this link) to Nepali equivalent to 2500$Documents needed:
    • for Nepalese: Citizenship Certificate will work (no need for passport or visa)
    • for foreigner: your visa issued passport will work fine

If you need to obtain foreign currencies by selling Nepalese Currency then:

  • you can visit money exchange( but you mightn’t be able to get a big amount)
  • visit nearest banks, remember you need to have a valid ticket issued on your name with visa on passport
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