The easiest way to create an apple id in Nepal without a credit card

A few months back, I was at Tamrakar complex Newroad for repairing my cell phone. And while I was waiting for the servicing to be done. I came to know that these shops charge around 500 Nepali rupees just for creating apple account, which can be created freely. It is okay to charge some nominal fees for making the id but 500 is too high.

So thinking that at least some people wont be cheated more, I am sharing this idea to you all. You just need to have any iOS device and working internet connection.

follow these simple steps:

  • make sure no any apple accounts are logged into appstore,
    • you can check this by visiting setting –> appstore, or
    • open app store and scroll to bottom and make sure sign in is being displayed
  • open AppStore
  • Search or try downloading any free apps
  • you will be prompted for options saying use existing apple id create new apple id exist
  • tap on create new, and enter details
  • use postal code 000977 for Nepal
  • make sure “None” option is checked
  • verify by checking your email

and it is done.

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You can use this apple id for any services of apple, whether may be downloading apps, using icloud drives or Exchanging imessages and so many exciting services from apple.

Liked it? Why don’t you share? at least some other won’t be cheated to pay for this.

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