Internet setting for Nepal Telecom and Ncell in iPhone

In Nepal, if you have an iPhone, and want to surf the internet through your carrier than it might be a little bit headache for you at the beginning.

If you have other mobile sets like Samsung then you can easily set up the GPRS/3G setting through SMS but this is not the same for iPhone users. You need to manually set the settings.

You have two options.

  • visit to your carrier for support
  • use third party websites to generate settings

Here I will share how can you save time and energy by setting it up yourself in easiest way.

Till date I am using two websites to generate settings for iphone. I will write about both, how you can do. You can select any one.

Please make sure that your sim has GPRS/3G internet subscription. If not you can activate by simply sending SMS like type 3G and send it to 1400 for Nepal Telecom. If you are Ncell user, I think you needn’t subscribe again. You need to have wifi connection in your device to access a website.

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First site: site

  • go to the above link
  • scroll bottom to APN Profiles
  • since our carriers are not listed click on APN Settings
  • if you are Nepal Telecom user then type ntnet in APN
  • if you are Ncell user type web in APN
  • leave rest of the field(spaces) blank
  • scroll bottom to Generate Profile
  • install the generated profile
  • you are done! Enjoy browsing internet! 🙂

Second site: site

  • go to the above link
  • scroll bottom to Create APN
  • your carrier will be auto detected , if it doesnot match change your carrier
  • tap on create APN
  • install the generated profile
  • you are done
  • after completing this you might see a bookmark of this website on your homescreen, you can simply delete it.

You can choose any of above website, isn’t verified one and you need to do manually, whereas is verified generator and you don’t need to do manually, but it places a bookmark to your home screen, which you can remove easily.

Hope it was useful.

Enjoy Surfing internet in Nepal as you go!

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