Get-Free .me domain with Github Student Developer Pack

You can get a free .me domain with Github Student Developer Pack in few easy steps. Also, the developer pack includes dozen other free apps and services which you will find very useful.

get free domain with github student developer pack

You can get a genuine .me domain and other several packages with Github’s student developer pack.

For this follow the following steps:

  • watch the video here so that you won’t have any confusions.
  • Get a Github’s Student Developer Pack
    • sign in/ create a GitHub account
    • goto this link and follow instructionsYou can visit this blog post for more details about GitHub and student developer pack.
  • after getting Github’s Student Developer Pack
    • create a Namecheap account and make sure you are logged in
    • goto this link and click on Namecheap’s domain option
    • choose your desired domain name, follow the instructions

You can choose the hosting package also if you wish to host with GitHub you can select on GitHub pages, or you can go with a premium option.

Remember you will get a lot of free access to many tools from Github’s Student Developer Pack, make sure you make utmost use of it.

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Congratulations for getting new domain!


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