National and International Reality Shows in Nepal

In the last five years, I have seen a drastic evolution in the sector of reality shows in Nepal.

I don’t mean to say there weren’t any reality shows before five years but recently the growth and craze of the reality shows have taken the entertainment industries’ particularly reality shows popularity to new heights.

The entertainment industry in Nepal has seen the entry of several international big reality shows like Nepal Idol, Himalaya Roadies etc. into the Nepali market. These shows have been able to establish their own brand and fanbase among Nepali audiences.

It is not only the international reality shows and franchise shows that are gaining heights in Nepal but the local national reality shows like Comedy Champion have been able to compete with international shows in Nepal.

I will be writing and updating about the various reality shows that were recently active or are currently active in Nepal. I will also try to mention more information about the shows like the total number of seasons aired, aired media, seasons, winner and much more.

If I have missed any shows, please leave it in the comment section below and I will make sure it’s updated asap.

Reality shows in Nepal

As different national and international shows are/ were active in Nepal, I will group the list into two categories: international and national or local.

Nepali reality shows

Over time, many reality shows have entered the Nepali entertainment market, some were very successful in terms of popularity and profit, while many couldn’t last longer.

Some shows have continued for several seasons and have been able to create and engage audiences.

Many Nepali shows have stopped or ceased production after first or few seasons for many reasons, the common being lack of proper production investment, concepts and production quality.

Here below I have listed some Nepali reality shows:

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Nepali Tara

Years active2005 – 2015
Total seasons
Nepali Tara S1 (2005)
Nepali Tara S2 (2007)
Nepali Tara S3 (2014)

TelevisionNepal Television
JudgesDeepak Lama,
Deepak Bajracharya,
Bimala Rai,
Aalok Shree,
Ram Krishna Dhakal,
Suresh Adhikari,
Ram Thapa
WinnersDeepak Lama S1,
Santosh Lama S2,
Pratap Lama S3
HostsBrazesh Khanal (S1),
Ritu Ramdam and
Satya Swaroop Acharya (S2), Santosh Lama and
Dharmendra Sewan (S3)

Comedy Champion Nepal

comedy champion nepal
Year Started2020
Total seasons
Comedy Champion S 1 (2020)

Total episodes29
TelevisionKantipur TV
JudgesSantosh Panta,
Manoj Gajurel,
Pradip Bhattarai and
Reecha Sharma
WinnersHimesh Panta
HostsReema Bishwokarma

List of International reality shows in Nepal

Listed below are some of the international shows and franchise reality shows.

Nepal Idol

nepal idol - international
Year Started2017
Total seasons
Nepal Idol S1 (2017)
Nepal Idol S2 (2018)
Nepal Idol S3 (2019/20)
Total episodes112
(as of August 27, 2020)
TelevisionAP1 TV
JudgesNhyoo Bajracharya,
Kali Prasad Baskota and
Indira Joshi
WinnersBuddha Lama – S1
Ravi Oad – S2
Sajja Chaulagain – S3
HostsAsif Shah (2018-)
Mampi Ghosh (2019-)
Reema Bishwokarma (2017-2018)
Sushil Nepal (2017)

Dancing with the Stars Nepal

dancing with the stars nepal
Year Started2020, Sep 18
Total seasons
Dancing with the Stars Nepal
Season 1 (2020)

Total episodesTBA
TelevisionHimalaya Television
JudgesGauri Malla
Dilip Rayamajhi
Renasha Bantawa Rai
HostsSuman Karki
Sadichha Shrestha

Himalaya Roadies

himalaya roadies
Year Started2017, July 3
Total seasons
Himalaya Roadies S1 (2017)
Himalaya Roadies S2 (2018)
Himalaya Roadies S3 (2019)

Total episodes54 (18×3)
TelevisionHimalaya Television
Gang LeadersAnoop Bikram Shahi
Saman Shrestha, Deeya Maskey
Ashish Rana
WinnersSaman Shrestha – S1 (2017)
Ayush Shrestha – S2 (2018)
Sujan Subedi – S3 (2019)
HostsRaymond Das Shrestha

The Voice of Nepal

the voice of nepal - tv show
Year Started2017, July 3
Total seasons
The Voice of Nepal S1
The Voice of Nepal S2

Total episodes31
TelevisionKantipur TV (2018)
Himalaya Television (2019)
CoachesDeep Shrestha (2018-)
Sanup Paudel (2018)
Abhaya Subba (2018)
Pramod Kharel (2018-)
Raju Lama (2019-)
Astha Raut (2019-)
WinnersSaman Shrestha – S1
Ayush Shrestha – S2
Sujan Subedi – S3
HostsSushil Nepal (2018-)
Oshin Sitaula (2018)

Dohori Champion 2021

Currently being broadcasted on Nepal Television

SaReGaMaPa Lil’ Champs Nepal 2021

to be aired on Galaxy TV 4K

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