How to stop your cat from catching and eating flies

While it is fun to watch your cat catching and eating ing tiny flies flying around the house, is it still okay to let your cat friend do this time and again?

For every cat owner, it is one of the most faced situations while living with a cat.

In this blog post, we will be talking a bit about why do a cat catches a fly and insect, why cats eat flies, what happens when they eat insects like flies and how to stop your cat from repeating this again.

This is based on my personal experiences of living with my cat – Eleven.

First, let’s talk a bit about why cats enjoy catching flies and insects with their paws.

Why do cats catch a fly?

One simple fact about cats, is they are fascinated by moving objects be it cat wand toys or the birds flying outside of the window.
Cats enjoy tracking these moving objects and tend to touch them after they think it is safe to do so.
The same applies to the flies and insects roaming inside our house.

Some of the major reasons why cats like to catch flies are:

  • Cats are hunter animals by birth; even though they may be born and grow inside a home… they still have the hunter behavior carried inside them
  • living and moving creatures like fly, bugs and other insects are more fun to watch, track and catch for a cat than a non living artificial toys
  • cats like being challenged to do something. Whenever they see any flies they enjoy the sportsmanship of hunting it down

Why is my cat eating flies?

No, we know why your fur baby likes to play with flies, let’s dig in further.

Why is my cat eating the dirty flies even when she gets enough wet and dry food?

Well, we know the answer!

Yes, who doesn’t enjoy eating raw, fresh and natural food to the readymade, pre-packed cat food!

And moreover, cats being animals they will always consider themselves that they are made for hunting, catching and snatching things.

Some common reasons why your cat is eating flies:

  • For food be it hungry or no
  • Your cat is rewarding himself/ herself with a good meal after hunting
  • predative nature

What happens when a cat eats flies and insects

Our cat enjoys catching a fly. And we equally enjoy the effort and dedication our cat applies in catching the fly.
But is this okay?
Should you stop your cat from catching flies?

Well, Continue reading down

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  • it is totally normal and nothing wrong with your cat if s/ he is catching a fly
  • cats can digest the flies like normal food
  • but sometimes your cat can’t digest or might show some unusual behaviors after eating flies
  • cat might throw out the food by vomiting the last ate fly or food
  • they will be back to normal soon

but you need to be concerned about your cat’s behaviour when:

  • Cat behaves unusual after eating the fly
  • vomits frequently, coughs or passes loose stool after eating insects
  • doesn’t eat any cat food or water
  • cat eats the fly killed by insecticides and sprays

in such a scenario, it is best to take your cat to your vet as early as possible.

Here’s how to stop your cat from catching and eating flies

As said earlier it is okay to let your cat enjoy playing with flies and bugs but at times too much is too much.
It might be impossible to totally stop your cat from eating flies but here are some ideas that might help you to reduce the pace.

  • Provide adequate food and fresh water to your cat periodically
  • Ensure flies can’t get in to the house via doors and windows
  • prevent flies and insects hovering around kitchen and bathroom
  • If needed only, safely use insecticides to kill the insects and flies and make sure your cat doesn’t have reach to dead disposed flies
  • spread cat toys, wand toys and other play things around your house for your cat

What do you think about this cat behaviour?

Let me know by leaving your opinion in the comment section below.

You can find more about this cat behaviour at this Reddit thread


My cat is vomiting after eating a fly, what should I do?

Often the cat will return to normal behaviours after vomiting and throwing out but if it continues for a long time, it is best to consult with a vet.

Is it okay for my cat to eat flies?

Yes, most of the time it is okay and normal for a cat to catch and eat flies. You need to be concerned when your cat behaves unusual and keeps vomiting.

Why is my cat catching a fly?

Cats enjoy hunting and playing with their prey. It is a very normal behaviour shown by a cat.

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