Here’s why a cat should be your first pet

Ever wondered if cats can be very good pets?

Have you ever wished to have a cat but hesitated about the time you can devote and the limiting space that may cause an issue?

Do you ever feel that you may never have a cat because you feel cats are expensive?

If you are wondering these, you are not alone. I was also in your shoes 7 months ago! It is very normal to have these questions in deciding on a pet. This article will help you erase all those questions and help you in finding out ways a cat can be an ideal pet for you.

I had always been a “dog-person” at the start. Leaving two dogs back home, I always felt that I missed having a fur friend with me at home. So when I came to a firm decision that I wanted a pet with full responsibility, I made a rough mind map on what pet to adopt.

Back then, my parents reared dogs and all I did was snuggle with them so I had no good experience on how to grow a pet. So this was a big responsibility for me! I started with a mind map on what pets I could afford and care really well. Some pets that came to my mind was – dog, cat and rabbit.

Budget for petting a cat?

My second step was – analysing my finances and the place where I live. I live in a rented property with a small porch. The thing I came to know after quick research was, I had to have a fenced area to have a dog! And we all know that dogs can never be indoor pets. They need some walk, great space and lots of time!

Likewise, rabbits are cute but they couldn’t do best inside a unit, they go on nibbling on carpets and everything! On top of that, rabbits eat grass and we couldn’t have grassy carpets everywhere!

Not to forget, it is very costly to have a dog as they require great grooming, big food (dog’s toys are so expensive in Australia).

I am a full-time student and a part-timer.
Therefore, I decided on finding a pet who would be very good indoors and cost-effective for me.

And who fits in?
Of course, Cats do.

How much time do I need to give to my cat?

My third step was – to find out how much time I could devote to my pet.

We all know dogs need time- time to walk, play. Both I and my husband are quite lazy 😂 I mean we work part-time, study, exercise but constant walks with dogs outside wouldn’t fit into our schedule.

Dogs and rabbits are high maintenance and we wanted a pet with low maintenance and will do good even when we leave him inside our house for a few hours.

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So who is the most low maintenance and comfortable in rented apartments?
Cats yeah!

Where to do a good research on cats?

My fourth step was – to do the biggest research ever after deciding on adopting cats.

I actually bought myself a book named “Everything about cats” that gave me detailed information on how do cats live, what do they eat, what do they like and stuffs like that.

This book is my saviour.

This book helped me understand the basic behaviour of cats according to their breed. I also owe big time to google which helped me in understanding about cat’s life.

Top reasons why you should get a cat as your first pet!

After my research, I came to learn the following things:

  • A Cat is a very low maintenance in nature.
    Not that they don’t require care at all, they do require grooming like trimming nails but they clean themselves every day.
  • A Cat sleeps 16 hours a day, almost.
    Crazy right?
    But this is very flexible for students and part-timers like us!
  • A Cat just needs a few toys to keep them entertained.
    Trust me, wand toys with strings get them going the whole day.
  • A Cat does him/her best inside an apartment or even a studio apartment.
    S/he actually lives long indoor.
  • All cats need are good food, some toys, a scratching post and a small place where they can feel the warm sun.

So, with months of contemplation, we decided on adopting a little Cat!

My husband grew with cats so he was feeling normal but, I was so nervous.

The journey was going to be exciting as cats live for 15 years and We were going to be our new cat’s parents. We were extremely excited and nervous because she was going to be our very first pet together.

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