Sharing the joys of living with our cat – Eleven

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This blog is going to be documentation on all about experiences of living with cats.

I had always considered myself an animal lover, particularly dogs. I grew up with two dogs and I never had a chance to have a cat as a pet. I always felt cats are more isolated, distant pets and the fact that my friend’s cat would hiss at my baby dogs every time they met made me have a second opinion on cats.

My neighbour had a cat years ago. Lily, her name was. Lily pounced and punched my dog Bruno every time she saw him.

I once even asked my neighbour “ why do you even have a cat?”.

She would then say, you may come across one kitty who changes your mind one day.

So, here I am, years later with a blog on my life with a cat. Anything is possible in life, isn’t it?

This blog will be documentation of the amazing experience I garnered while living with my cat, Eleven.

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Okay, let me introduce her to you 🙂 Eleven is a ten-month-old cat I adopted from a Cat Adoption Foundation in February 2020.
She is actually my pre-birthday gift from my husband and I must say, she is the best gift I was ever given in 25 years of my existence.

Eleven is a domestic short hair Tabby cat. Honestly, I was so confused, nervous, excited for months when I decided to adopt a cat. I grew up with dogs but my parents took care of them and all I did was play with them.

So, Eleven is my first “proper” pet (I call her my baby girl) whom I am caring for all her needs and helping her grow in a good environment. I feel like a new mother who just had childbirth 😃.

I am still learning and experiencing new things every day with Eleven. Therefore, I might be hopefully giving some tips on being a cat parent for those looking for adopting one!

Happy Meows 😍

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