Things to buy before getting a cat

Congratulations on the decision! So you have decided to get a kitten or cat for your home but you might not be sure where to start. Apart from the formal paperwork, this blog post will be your guide on what you should buy before getting a cat or kitten.

A big preparation is needed before getting your fur-baby! 😍

Personally, I was very excited about making a list of what to buy (I like writing items to buy) and shops I could get those stuff from. The good thing is, a cat doesn’t require as many items as a dog does but still a kitten will require the same care as a human baby does. 👶

So, I will list all the stuff needed for a cat in your home.

Cat litter

A cat needs a litter box/tray to excrete in its daily life. The litter box normally comes in a rectangular shape and many boxes are enclosed in shape depending on the cat’s needs.

I didn’t even know that cats use the litter box but thankfully the guidebook and youtube videos taught me. 😃

You will also need litter which is a sand-like thing to pour in the litter tray. Cats bury their excretions and they learn toilet training from their moms.

Impressive, right?

Cat bowls

A cat will need two bowls for his/her feeding. Two bowls are essential for a cat so that s/he can eat and drink. The water has to be changed every day because cats like their water very fresh. 🤩

likewise, the bowl has to be very clean because cats love clean dishes and if it’s their bowl, they get so happy!

Cat scratching post

Why do cats scratch?
According to,
“Cats scratch for many reasons: to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, to mark their territory by leaving both a visual mark and a scent (they have scent glands on their paws), and to stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws.”
You can

This is one of the very important essentials when it comes to a cat’s necessity. Cats sharpen their claws every now and then. Therefore, an indoor cat needs a space for itself so that it can do its claw sharpening business.

An outdoor cat sharpens its claws in the trees but for an indoor cat, it is not possible. And we don’t want them to scratch our carpets or sofas for sure! 🙄😭
You will need a scratching post so that the cat will sharpen its paws without any trouble.

When the cat starts playing with the post she will never touch the carpet or sofa 🤪

A nail clipper for your cat

A cat’s claws are the same as a bear’s, my husband says 😄. And sometimes, unknowingly cat might scratch you while playing rough.


But it might be worse when her nails scratch those sheets or rugs! Thus, a nail clipper is important in clipping her nails once in a while. They might not like to be clipped but a treat during and after the clipping time will work.

A hairbrush

A cat regularly needs grooming as well. Actually, they groom themselves.

An average cat spends 5 hours grooming itself in a day.

It’s like they constantly want themselves to look good for a party 😃. They don’t have to be groomed daily though. Once in three days is better.

Get a hairbrush for your cat and do lots of grooming sessions during summer, though! This will keep those dirty fleas away!

Buy a warm bed before getting a cat

A bed is important for your furbaby. A warm, cozy space is needed for the kitty to rest and sleep. A circular shapes bed is the most beneficial.
A cat sleeps almost 16 hours a day.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

Especially, a kitten sleeps almost 22 hours because the kitten gets lots of energy to grow while sleeping.

A cat collar

Yes! You got it right.

Your furbaby will need a collar with his/her name and your phone number on it. One with a bell will be better as the kitten sometimes hides in the most awkward places at first. 😟

The bell will help in finding her.

Likewise, if she ever gets lost (especially indoor cats) she can return home with help of your phone number engraved on her collar.

Buy some food for your cat

It is better to buy some stock of food beforehand before getting your cat. There are different cat foods according to their age (kittens and adults) found in a pet store or supermarkets like Coles (in Australia). There are hundreds of brands for your cat.

And it comes in so many different flavours, even with veggies too!
You can buy both dry and wet food for your new family member and see if s/he likes any of the best.

Remember, cats are strictly lactose intolerant (I knew this from the cat’s guidebook) and they can only drink cat milk or any plant-based milk.
Food is something that can attract a new cat’s attention best than anything in the world!

The smell of tuna, chicken and salmon helps her adjust to her new home in no time. 😌

Cat toys

Your furbaby will also need a few toys to entertain itself. Especially an indoor cat will find it very boring without plenty of toys. Toys like wand toys with string or feathers work best!

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They say a cat is like a 4-year-old baby. So no wonder, they get fascinated by toys!

A cat loves feathered toys or something with a string, and a scratching post will be all they need. Some cats also love little toy mouses and they pretend like bringing those mousies home. 😍

Get cat shampoo & deodorant

A cat will clean and groom itself but sometimes a cat will get into a poopy or dirty mess (especially kittens). Eleven played with her poop once and we had no option other than bathing her.


Cats hate baths. They do anything to run away from the water. A treat in this scenario will help, of course!

I highly recommend not to use any human shampoo or deodorant as that might be poisonous for cats. They have very soft fur and their own shampoo or deodorant is best for them.

And yeah, the deodorant spray makes them smell so fresh and good especially when you have guests coming over. 🥰

Don’t forget a leash!

In many cases, the leash is a priority. In my case, Eleven isn’t allowed to walk around public places without a leash. And it’s actually beneficial for indoor cats. They are very shy and nervous in outer space (out of their territory) and the leash will protect them.

Litter scooper – Must buy for your cat!

A scooper!

To scoop cat’s faeces from their litter box.
Very handy. 😉

A bin bag and a bin

A bin to dispose of all those trash is important. You can place the bin with a bag in the bathroom.

Buy a cat pet carrier before you get a cat

I almost forgot the most important stuff!

A pet carrier is needed to carry your little one safe and sound wherever you go. You will need it firstly at your adoption centre or wherever you are bringing them from.

You can also carry your pet inside that carrier in parks, supermarkets wherever you want to take him/her with you.

This way, your little one will be safe and cozy inside the carrier and you can be relieved too. 😍

Buy a blanket and a rug for your cat baby

Your little one will also need a fluffy blanket and a rug to make him/herself warm.

For kittens, it is very essential to keep them warm as their mothers do. Sometimes, a hot water bag near the blanket to them will also do the work.

Where to buy all these things for your cat?

This is an obvious question you might have by now. Even though the list might look big, don’t worry as most things are small and would easily fit in a cart.

And the most important part, you don’t need to break your bank to get these items for your cat. You will have an option to choose from the affordable to the expensive ranges.

You can buy these things for your cat from:

  • pet section in your nearest or favourite supermarket like Coles, Kmart, Target etc
  • dedicated pet shops and veterinary clinics
  • online from marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and more

The above-listed things are very much needed before getting your companion. I learnt most of these from the cat guide book and many were learned from experience.

These things will make sure your companion is all set to well adjust in her forever. 🏠

I wish you a happy meow!

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