FFalcon 2.1 Ch Soundbar Review – Here’s Why You Should Buy It!

Is FFalcon 2.1 ch soundbar a best budget soundbar?

Well, you can so if you ignore one minor bad side of this awesome sounding soundbar. In this blog post, I will be taking you through a quick review of the Fs1 soundbar including the specifications, good and bad sides and the cost.

Recently I bought this 2.1 channel soundbar made by FFalcon to enhance my TV and movie experience. So far, I am quite impressed and happy with my purchase. Up to the date of writing this post, I have been using this soundbar every day almost for a couple of months.
I suggest this audio system can be the best addition to your home or office with great value of money if you are after budget-friendly soundbars in Australia.

First, let me give a quick glance at what FFalcon 2.1 ch soundbar.

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Quick overview

ModelFS1010 – FFalcon 2.1 ch soundbar
System componentsoundbar with wireless subwoofer
Audio input3.55mm AUX line-in,
HDMI with ARC,
Bluetooth 5.0,
USB and micro SD card input
Equalizer modesMovie, Music and News
user manual

The cost

With the regular retail price of around 149AUD, I bought it from JB-HiFi at a sale price of 99AUD. Also, I got $10 as cashback from Commonwealth Bank as a reward for using its card to purchase, so the overall final cost for me came to $89. And for less than a hundred dollars I was getting a soundbar that had multiple audio inputs, a sub-woofer and not so bad reviews.

If you want to buy it, it is again on sale for $99.
Buy now.

Why buy FFalcon 2.1 ch soundbar?

  • comes with a 160 Watt powerful wireless subwoofer
  • has premium sound quality at a budget price, instantly adds a different experience to your TV with 2.1 channel sound
  • presence of physical buttons on the right ear of the soundbar makes it easier to quickly get the soundbar ready without not worrying about finding the remote
  • multiple wired and wireless audio inputs: Bluetooth, AUX, HDMI with ARC, RCA.
  • well built fits into standard tv cabinet or can be even hung on walls
  • comes with small remote giving control of almost everything
  • remote has 3 dedicated buttons for audio mode: movie, music and news.
    Which when pressed gives an instant difference in sound quality and better suits the mode
  • the subwoofer wirelessly connects with the soundbar and automatically turns off when the soundbar is off.


The bad sides

  • lack of physical display on the soundbar except for a tiny power indicator. Which might make using the soundbar confusing sometimes
  • The loud unturnoffable system sounds
    “Powered On”, “Auxiliary mode”, “Bluetooth device connected” are some of the irritating system sounds that you’ll hate. These sounds only come on when you change the input mode, or power on/ off the soundbar.
  • there’s some kind of static sound coming from the soundbar when the TV is off but the soundbar is on – kind of small and ignorable but hearable noise


Even though the loud on and off sound can be quite an issue the lack of physical display won’t be such a problem once you get used to using the soundbar. For less than 100 hundred dollars, I think this is one of the best entry-level budget soundbars you can find in the market – a worthy addition!


Does the FFalcon soundbar come with a subwoofer?

Yes, the FFalcon FS1 soundbar comes with one wireless subwoofer of 160 watts.

Can I connect my phone to this soundbar?

Yes, you can connect your phone to FFalcon soundbar either by Bluetooth connection or using an auxiliary cable.

What different input modes are supported?

HDMI with ARC,
Bluetooth 5.0,
USB and micro SD card input

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