Your guide to writing a better project proposal – Bsc CSIT

This is a brief guide to Proposal Writing for your Project. Somewhere in your study, or in life, you might have to write proposals before doing your projects.

Generally, proposals are to be submitted to higher authorities or your university/ company to inform them what you are doing and how will you do using what type of resources at what time.

Proposals are written when people need to ask permission to make a purchase, do a project, or write a paper; the proposal is a formal way of putting forth an idea and asking for action to be taken on that idea. source

Here below, I have described the most precise and general way of writing the project proposal.

This guide is prepared in reference to the proposal for Bsc CSIT of TU, however, it is almost similar in every field.

All the topics are explained in brief below:

Before starting with the main contents, let’s know about the general format, fonts and more.

  • the proposal should be short enough to explain your project
  • don’t use page breaks to start a new topic, continue writing next topic after a topic finishes with some gap

Page setup

  • line spacing: 1.5
  • Margins (in inch) :Left 1.5, Right 1, Top 1 and Bottom 1


any font of Sans Series only (Times New Roman, Calibri etc.)

Font Size

  • Title: 14
  • Sub heading: 12 bold
  • Normal texts: 12

Latex: APA format

Let’s dive into the contents now.


  • should be catchy and specific to the domain not broad
  • try to make your title not so long, minimize the use of many words
  • give your application/product a good name


  • the introduction is short and right to the point of information
  • write what exactly your project does
  • in about 2-3 lines


This mobile application provides users to track, record, monetize his/her family members’ travel activities through the use of GPS technology and location services.

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Problem definition

  • make it critical
  • the problem should be stated in such a way that if there is no project there would be a great loss/impact


These days, parents are having a difficult time as many children go to different places and don’t tell parents their exact location.


  • mention the main aim of your project, think about the outcome
  • always start from To
  • objectives should be: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timebound
  • keep 3-4 objectives


  • To develop a mobile application that tracks user’s daily activities
  • To make it easier for parents to know where there children are in real-time

Scope and limitation

  • In scope write about what consequences your project outcome can bring
  • mention what extra feature you would like to add, or write about the scalability and extendability of your product
  • you can write about what impacts it can create when it goes on a large scale
    Whereas in limitation
  • write about some of the things you couldn’t include but always wanted to
  • mention the performance limitations, real-time working dependence
  • writing about the accuracy of the data you take and processed result will make your proposal more precise


While talking about the software development model in our case, in methodology you write about the methods you are going to use to achieve your objectives.

Its main content should be:

Software Development Model

(with justification)

In the software development model,

  • you mention which software development model you will be using, and
  • the reason for choosing this model despite of other models.

Study of existing system

(literature review)

A literature review is the study and research of similar systems/applications that are already developed or are already in the market which are in some way similar to yours.

Discuss any such application, their outcome or quote any sayings here. Including date, author name, developer name might be good and attractive.

You can also include at least 5 websites, apps, books etc that are in some way related to your project or give you the inspiration to do.


Data Collection

(requirement collection)

In data collection, you mention how you are going to collect various data that are needed for your project development.

Mention the primary and secondary sources of your data.

Some of the data sources for technological projects might be:

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  • web surfing,
  • review,
  • the questionnaire, and so on.

Requirement Analysis

  • Change user requirement into system requirement
  • group to functional and non functional requirement

Feasibility Analysis

Write about the feasibility of your product after development. Mention various feasible areas like operational, economical, technical etc.


This software is operationally, economically, technically feasible.


When you develop an application/ software testing is inevitable to minimize various errors and make your product more accurate and optimized.

In this section, briefly write about the different testing approaches you will be using.

  • Unit testing
  • Integrated testing
  • System testing
  • Acceptance test

Tools used

We make use of different available tools and technologies to develop our product.

  • In tools used section we mention the various such tools we will be using or are planning to use.
  • Just write their purpose and recommended is their versions for use
  • don’t write the definition of tools


Frontend: HTML5/CSS3, Javascript

Backend/database: Ruby on Rails(ruby 2.4.0p0, Rails 5.1.0), PostgreSQL 9.6.3

Overview of system

  • Pictorial representation of your system comes under the overview of the system.
  • the diagram should explain how the overall system works You can include any of the following:
  • Diagram of server, user, setup

and use case diagram




DFD (best to use this)

Decision table

ER diagram

Time schedule (GANTT chart)

In time schedule, you give a brief summary of how much time the project will take including all steps. Represent them in the GANTT chart.

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Expected outcome

  • write about what your product should do
  • remember meeting the objective
  • good to write about the time taken for processing


Mention some books, publications and their authors that you may refer to somewhere during the project

You can include: 1-2 books, websites etc

External resources for you

This is a class note I wrote as our project guide explained how to write Project Proposal for Bsc CSIT Seventh (7th) Sem.

Hope this was useful, comment down for any feedback! 🙂

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