5 Odd sounds our cat never wants to hear again

Cats are curious creatures. But not always!

There are some instances, situations and places a cat doesn’t enjoy being in or to say in other words never wants to be there again.
Can you think of such scenarios when your cat absolutely hates what’s going on around you?

I am sure you will be able to list plenty.

Today, in this blog post, I will be sharing with you some sounds that our cat is afraid of.

Or if afraid isn’t the right word to use here, let’s say our cat doesn’t want to listen or hear these sounds again.

These listings of cat hated sounds are based on our experience with our cat. We have been living with a cat: Eleven since last year and we’ve been able to learn a lot about her; likes, dislikes and to generalise we’ve started to understand the feline behaviours a bit.

Our cat was very shy at first when we adopted (she was 3 months old) but these days she enjoys living her life and being social with us. Your cat mightn’t behave in a similar fashion as ours as it totally depends on individual cats.

Vacuum’s noise

Does your cat go into hiding whenever you turn on your vacuum machine?
If yes, we are on the same boat! 😀

Out cat – Eleven, She absolutely hates a vacuum and it is an irritating loud sound. Whenever we turn on and start vacuuming the carpet she runs to find her hiding spot.

Nowadays She has been more clever. Do you know how? Now She goes into hiding even when we just hold a vacuum in our hands without even turning it on.

She has learnt enough to identify that the thing which her owner is just carrying in his hand is going to ruin her day, and she escapes into the cupboard!

Grass pruner’s big sound

This isn’t a common sound for a cat but sometimes when someone is pruning their grass/ lawn outside, it becomes very hard for her to bear.
Maybe because of the loud machinery noise, our cat dislikes hearing the sound of pruning machines.
As always she immediately goes into hiding whenever She hears the loud sound of the pruner.

Stranger’s voice and footsteps approaching

Cats are clever and smart. They are capable of noticing and detecting low sounds that might be hard for humans to hear.
You might have noticed, the cat will easily detect footsteps approaching the entry door and any stranger talking outside. Our cat doesn’t enjoy hearing a stranger’s voice or unknown footsteps.

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However, not sure why, whenever we come she never goes into hiding, instead she just sits beside the door and purrs and smells us once we enter.

Whistling pressure cooker

Pressure cookers are known to produce a whistling sssssh sound while cooking. And this sound can be very strange, loud and irritating for a human someone who doesn’t know or have used a pressure cooker.
The same applies to the cat.

Our cat Eleven never likes to hear this pressure cooker’s whistle. While we are cooking some food in the kitchen in the pressure cooker and she hears the pressure cooker whistling… she runs to her safe spot.

Food frying

Our cat sometimes gets disturbed while we fry something on oil. She doesn’t like the chhhrrrr sound of oil and food.
She returns back from hiding once she believes the frying sound is over.

Has your cat reacted in strange manners to such strange sounds?
Let me know your experiences, leave them in the comment section below.


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