Why choose Jekyll?

The top reasons why I choose Jekyll for development are:

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  • Secured The topmost reason for choosing Jekyll is the security you will get in your web pages. Since Jekyll there is no use of a database in Jekyll sites, there is no chance your website is going to be hacked.
  • Host it on Github free When you build websites with Jekyll, you can easily deploy your site using Github Pages, which is totally free. You don’t need to pay for anything. And hosting with Github pages is the easiest, most reliable one.
  • Reliable and Data Backup Since, you will be using Github to deploy your site, all your code will be in GitHub so you needn’t worry about the backup and all. Even if your website is down for some reasons, your data is totally safe in GitHub.
  • Customize, modify and build as you need
  • integrate CMS, use themes for free
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Lakshman Basnet
Nepali Digital Media Marketer currently based in Adelaide, South Australia who apart from playing with his cat - Eleven, also enjoys developing web content, publishing blogs and YouTube videos in his free time.

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