Configuring .np domain for Github page

In this post, I will share an idea of how you can point your .np domain website to Github Pages (gh-pages) website. It is much easier to point any domain towards the gh-pages website by simply adding A Records to domain settings and CNAME to our gh-pages Github repository.

But the problem with .np domains is that we can’t add A records as there is no field to add A record to our domain properties. To solve this problem, we will make use of Cloudflare a CDN(Content Delivery Network) that allows us to manage our domains in an easiest and reliable way.

And also, it doesn’t charge any fees for doing this, and we can manage multiple sites with Cloudflare. So follow the steps below:

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  • first, make sure that you have added CNAME file to your github repository In my case I would add in CNAME file. Remember CNAME file has no any extensions and its filename should all be capitalized
  • second step is to go to cloudflare and make an account (go with free plan)
  • at the top click on Add site
  • add your domain name and begin scan
  • after waiting for some time, it scans and suggests you what to do
  • after the scan is over, slicck on Continue Setup
  • since, we want our domain to point to gh-pages lets add two A Records for Github Pages
  • Now, lets add first A Record, in Name field add your domain name and in IPV4 address field add gh-pages address i.e
  • similarly for next record A Record, do as previous but in IPV4 address field add gh-pages' address i.e
  • for timestamp, you can select the smallest available time, larger time you choose, more time it takes for changes to happen
Your records will sth like this
  • also make sure that you have CNAME record to point your domain name with and without www to same location
Your records will sth like this
  • now click on Continue and after that make sure you choose free plan and tap Continue
  • after this step Cloudflare automatically suggests you what to do as in my case I have to update the nameservers to what cloudflare has said to. for your case also, you need to do as directed
you get suggestion like this
  • now its time to update the nameservers provided by cloudflare in your .np domain setting.
  • goto MOS site, login to your account and update the nameserver as said by cloudflare
  • after updating the nameserver in mos site, come back to cloudflare setup page and click on continue
  • it might take some time, wait until it completes and finally you are done!!

This way you can easily point your .np domain to Github sites, gh-pages site or any Jekyll Sites.

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