Install iOS 10 on your device

Apple has just released the latest version of iOS 10 on September 7. But you might be wondering why it is not available to download from your software update? It will take some time till apple makes it publicly available for downloading. Either you have to wait or if you want to taste the biggest software update till date then there follow this way. You can get this new software update through developer account without paying anything. I just updated my iphone’s software to iOS 10, and I am loving it. If you too want to update then here is how you can do it.

  • go to this link
  • if you don’t have developer account before sign up to create one with your apple id
  • make sure you are on iOS section after signing in
  • scroll down to enroll your device now
  • apple recommends you to create backup of your device so that no loss will occur
  • download a profile and install it, after installing your device will restart
  • go to settings –> General –> Software Update and wait for updates to appear
  • download and install , the size is about 1.09GB and might take long time depending on your internet connection
  • your device will restart couple of times
  • have patience and wait until setup and reboot is finished

Enjoy iOS 10, discover the new software.

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