How to uninstall Chinese 360cn Software/ malware from your Windows Computer

Unknowingly While installing some application, this 360cn program got installed in my Windows Computer on its own even without my consent. And you can’t imagine what the consequence was. It installed so many Chinese programs itself by running in the background, like browsers, infact so many applications. And this made my computer a hell lot slower. I tried uninstalling from the Control Panel but many such programs didn’t allow to uninstall. Also, since, they were in Chinese language, I didn’t understand any thing, it was a trouble for me to solve this problem. The worst case was, these programs even interrupted my computer’s connectivity to the internet. I couldn’t surf internet. I tried every options but couldn’t succeed. I tried deleting these applications’ file folders from Local Disk’s program files, but it didn’t allow me. The only solution left for me was to format my computer. But I wasn’t going to do this, I had very important files and documents. Later, I found myself the solution to this problem. Here below, I have explained two ways how you can remove such unwanted programs. I did the first one, and worked for me. Second one is easier too. 🙂

1) Using Linux Operating System

2) Using SuperAntispyware

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First way to remove 360cn malware

I solved my problem by the help of Linux Operating System. As from windows I couldn’t delete the program files of 360cn programs, it is possible to delete everything from Linux file explorers. My computer is dual booted meaning I use Linux Operating System the most and also have Windows on other partition for some works. If you don’t have Linux installed in any partitions dont worry, you don’t need to install, here’s how you can do.

  • if you have dual booted Windows along with Linux Operating Sytem, Logon to your Linus OS.
  • if you don’t have Linux installed then follow this step to use one pen drive for Live Booting Linux OS, without installing in your computer
    • you need a working pen drive
    • download any Linux OS, if you have no prior knowledge about Linux OS then Ubuntu , a Linux disto is the best for newbie, you can download it from this link.
    • after downloading the iso file, we need to make pendrive bootable
    • in your windows environment, to make pendrive bootable, lets download Rufus this small and great application
    • install the downloaded application and run it, select the previos Ubuntu iso file we downloaded to make it bootable
  • Now after the pendrive is bootable lets do boot our computer Live from our pendrive. At first, we need to tell computer to load files from pendrive after pressing the power button or while starting the computer
    • when the computer initially starts(boots) after pressing power button press F2 (or in some cases other function keys) to open boot manager
    • in the boot manager, lets select USB drive as first priority and reboot our computer again
    • now, the computer will boot from pendrive and Ubuntu OS will be loaded, remember we haven’t installed on our computer, we are booting from pendrive only
  • after the Linux OS loads completely, lets explore files through applications.
  • in files, lets navigate and find the windows partition drive
  • navigate to Local Disk C
  • enter to Program Files(x86)
  • delete everything with the name 360 folder or anything you regard is malware program, Remember : Take you own risks not to delete other normal files
  • you can search for 360 files to clear everything up
  • you are done now, you can turn off your computer and start windows
  • you will come to know that there are nomore such irritating applications, you can remove the shortcuts and all

Second Way to remove 360cn malware

  • log in to your Windows computer in Safe mode
  • Install SuperAntispyware free version
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files x86\
  • right-click on the 360 folder to select SUPERAntiSpyware
  • and then SuperDelete file removal to delete the whole 360 folder.

Hope it was useful, comment down for feedback

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