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In this blog post, I am trying to write out about the most used and liked technological products and innovations either developed in Nepal or the general public platforms that have brought major changes in the lifestyle of Nepalese people. Also, I am trying to cover few most interesting amazing products from Nepal that are really impressive and have caught the attention. All the opinions are my personal thoughts.


Facebook is the most accessed website in Nepal. With more than 5-6 million active user per month, facebook is changing the way people communicate, share their ideas and stay connected with each other. Social networking giant facebook is changing the way Nepali people stay connected with each other. The number is increasing daily as young and even old people are interested in signing up account. Even though many fraud activities are being carried out in from facebook, there are several positive side if utilized well.


Viber is the most used application by all smartphone users in Nepal to make voice and video calls and to chat with others. There are around 4.5 million active viber users from Nepal now. Most of the viber users are in 16-30 years group. One fact that I have found is the reason some people buy smartphones is to install viber in their phone and talk to their family members. As many youths are in foreign countries for employment, many parents use viber as the reliable and easiest means to stay in touch with their family members. It won’t be problem to say that almost all smartphone users be it android or iOS or a windows phone, they have viber installed on their phone. We can say that viber is changing the way we communicate. It is being really useful in Nepal. It is changing the way people communicate.

Mobile Games

Last year, when I was working as a Computer Teacher in school, some of the students asked me what was the clan I play from, they were asking about Clash of Clan. 😀 There are a lot of mobile gamers who love to play games in their cell phones. Be it a young child, or matured man, the craze of mobile games is so high here. Some of the games most played here are Candy Crush, Temple Run, Mini Militia, Clash of Clans etc on basis of popularity. And also sometimes, people organize mobile gaming competitions. This is the technology’s outcome that people have found a different way for entertainment in electronic device, other than just being to the field physically.


Picovico ( is a great online platform which allows user to create slideshow videos from photos which can be chosen from facebook, flickr or from local computer and layout, music can be added to make into videos in the easiest way in the fastest time. Also the made videos can be downloaded or directly shared to various social networks. The use of this platform is high for making birthday, wedding, travel, celebration videos etc. As everything is online, anyone with internet connection can make videos with no softwares required. It is available in google play store too, and has free and paid plans.


Esewa is the first online and offline digital payment gateway in Nepal which allows any user to make online and offline payments to various merchants, transfer funds to various banks and many more. It is the pioneer payment platform that if providing really great service to Nepalese. It somewhat has minimized the barriers for online payment inside Nepal. It offers various payment options like mobile top ups, recharge cards, movie tickets, schools and colleges fees, travel tickets, bungy tickets, airline tickets, bill payments of many ISPs, telecommunications and the list is ever increasing. As the number of banks, and financial organizations that offer esewa service is high, anyone can just load balance into their esewa account from their bank. And can use esewa online from website or by the sms based app without no sms charges. Esewa is one of the greatest leading technological innovation in Nepal and creating a good impact upon the society.

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Electric car

Hulas Motors, has manufactured and is field testing of electric cars named “Da Vinci” in Nepal. The parts were brought from China and assembled here to suit the Nepali market. Since, Nepal lacks heavy production companies and manpowers, this kind of step is getting a good place in news and is being praised by all. The car is priced at 1.4 million and is best suited for Nepali people and road conditions. It will be great relief if the car could get good market and make budget friendly. It would be great boon to save energy consumption in Nepal as Nepal imports all petroleum.

Channel Arbitrary youtube channel

Modernizing the trend of usual television channels, youths of Kathmandu have come up with a great youtube channel that focuses on various topics, musical performances and taking public’s view on certain topics till today (aug 17) it has got 2 million plus views in just six months time and the subscriber base is growing rapidly and is being liked by all. Specially the musical mashups, covers and performances are really praising.

Mahabir Pun and National Innovation Centre

One of the hot debate of the country these days, is Mahabir Pun and his nation changing idea of National Innovation Centre. Mahabir Pun is the winner of Ramon Magsaysay award for his contribution in connecting remote villages to internet and establishing telemedicine and various other modern internet services. He planned of innovation centre and talked with government for the support but after not getting any concrete decision and action from government side , he himself has started to collect donation from public for the centre. He wants to develop innovation centre in such a way that, the youths will be trained there, they will learn, research and do innovations, there will be guidance and support from mentors and will have all the facility needed. Mr Pun has planned of making a 10MW hydropower project and make the base for innovation centre’s fund by selling the produced electricity. There is no doubt his plan will be a turning point for Nepal, and produce skilled manpower for nation’s development.

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