How we taught our cat her name

Looking for some ideas on how to teach a cat his/ her name?

Who doesn’t like his/ her cat to have a good sweet name and then respond to the call?

I always had this question on my mind that when I adopt a cat, how do I make her come to me after calling her name?

Every pet parent has this question sometime in the back of their head. Since cats weren’t domesticated and trained to follow orders like dogs, we might feel that it is impossible to teach cats their name.


But it’s not impossible!! It’s actually very easy to teach cats their name.

We all know what grabs a cat’s attention.

Those two magic pills are:

  1. Good yummy food 
  2. Lots of toys 🧸 

With these two attention grabbers, we can teach our furbabies their names!
They will come to you right away when you utter their name after!

Let’s dive into the detail. I will start with my experiences. ☺️

Teach your cat their name with the help of food they love

I started giving Eleven (my one-year-old cat) a lot of treats. I used to scratch her treat packet to her ear so that she could listen to it.

If I hadn’t gotten her attention to me, I opened the treat packet and let Eleven smell it.

Wow! The aroma! Eleven loves the smell of food. Any cat does! Haha

She definitely got so attentive after smelling those delicious treats. And she would come to me flapping her tail in hope and curiosity!

After that, I used to utter her name softly “Eleven! Eleven!!” So that she could hear it during her attentive mode.

Then, I used to give her tons of treats and again used to utter her name into her ear.

I did this for almost two weeks with her. Every time we interacted with her, my husband and I called her name continuously looking at her, even while feeding her.
She would be so surprised at first but she then learnt her name eventually.

Toys help cats to learn their names quicker!

One thing I forgot to mention is – We can call their name whenever they are playing too!

This way, they will be conditioned that their name is not the ticket to food but it is their all-time “name” 🤣

Many cat parents feed kitties all the time by calling their names. Cats then feel that their parents call them just for the food! While this isn’t the case.

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So, I started giving her a lot of toys. She loves wand toys. She goes so excited about it! All cats loved feather wand toys. Those feathers get them so attentive like us during horror movies 😂😂😂😂

While playing, I used to call her “Eleven! Eleven!!” And she understood that she has to look around when I call her name.

Other toys cats absolutely love are those little mouses and birds. They cannot get enough of them. Eleven goes head over heels for birds and wand toys. 

Some cats take longer to understand their names. However, cats are very quick learners. They are good observers and they love sniffing new stuff at home.

You can also let them sniff anything new you brought such as a basket, some rugs, papers and call her name aloud.
However, many flowers are allergic to cats so we need to make sure non-allergic flowers around our little babies.

Cats love our company. They love getting our attention so while they come to cuddle with us, we can tell their name in their ears. 

Naming a cat might be challenging. Especially if the question arises “Will the cat ever know her name?”, it’s hard to name them. Nevertheless, without a doubt, let’s name our furbabies the best names they can ever have 😌

So it is best to name them short names with short syllables so that it is easy for you to call them. I call Eleven “Eli” many times and she runs to me when I utter “E”!
She must have been tired of hearing me call her name when she was a little kitten!

There are so many beautiful short names for a cat. It’s so fun too. I love brainstorming names for cats. We named Eleven to our cat as we both are avid “stranger things” fans 😀 and this name did work wonders.

Many believe that cats don’t learn their name. This is a myth.

They do learn it eventually but cats choose whether to respond or not. They flip or stretch their ears when hearing their name sometimes.

Or they just run to you after you call them. It really depends on the cat’s mood and temperament too. Both are their normal responses either way.

10 Famous cat names

Here below I have listed the 1o famous cat names. Keep reading to find my recommended cute cat names.

  1. Bella
  2. Chloe
  3. Lucy
  4. Max
  5. Millie
  6. Molly
  7. Oscar
  8. Romeo
  9. Susi
  10. Tiger

Compiled from this source

20 Cute names to name your cat

Are you looking for some ideas or cat names to name your fur friend?

You don’t need to go anywhere else, here I have listed the twenty (20) cutest names for you, all my favourites:

  1. Lisa
  2. Leo
  3. Lucy
  4. Bella
  5. Sunday
  6. Juzi
  7. Yuki
  8. Minka
  9. Trilly
  10. Alfie
  11. Mimi
  12. Felix
  13. Lily
  14. Smokey
  15. Momo
  16. Missy
  17. Pallina
  18. Oreo
  19. Pumpkin
  20. Milo

What people are asking about cat names

How long does it take for cats to learn their name?

Cats can learn their name as quick as in a couple of days while for some cats it may take weeks and sometimes even months.

Can you teach a cat a new name?

Teaching a cat a new name is possible and not hard. If your cat hasn’t got a name earlier check the guide above to know how quickly you can teach a cat a new name, else if your cat has got a name already and if you want to change it:

– don’t stop calling your cat’s old name all at once, instead of slow it down taking up with the new name
– attract and motivate your cat with cat treats and toys
– play with your cat and call their names while playing

Do cats actually learn their names?

Definitely. Cats learn their names. They eventually get trained to listen to their names, they will realize that hearing their name results in something good for them: be it food, toys or a cuddle with their human friends.

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