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Are you looking for the best way to send money to Nepal from Australia?

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In this blog, I will be explaining all the means available for you to send money to your home from Australia.

Starting from what you need to know while sending money to Nepal, then talking about the various remittance options like WorldRemit, Remitly and Xoom by Paypal I will also share how you can do bank transfers with your bank like Commonwealth Bank.

In addition to the general information, in the latter part of this post you; ‘ll be amazed to find out how you can send money to yourself!
As always, I have also included what you need to be careful of, the illegal means and a few frequently asked questions.

If I couldn’t answer the queries you had within this blog, feel free to leave them in the comment section so I can reply to you.

4 Things you should know before sending

A quick fact before we get into the main body;

In 2018, Nepal received 8.1 billion in remittance contributing to almost 30% of Nepal's total GDP.

Before you send money to Nepal to your friends, family or for any purpose there are a few things that you need to make sure you know and are aware of.

  1. the current exchange rate in Nepal and the rate you are being offered.
    it is always smarter to compare the different service providers to get the best rate
  2. make sure the company or service provider you are using to send money home to Nepal is legally registered and has all the licences to operate
  3. check the service provider’s delivery time, customer reviews and means of sending available
  4. you have all the identification documents ready and supplied including the recipient’s details

Now let me take you to the main topic of this post.

I will be explaining the different ways available to send money to Nepal from Australia.

First is by remit and then by bank transfer. I will also share with you some information about what not to do followed by frequently asked questions.

Sending money to Nepal by remitting

One of the most popular methods used by many Nepali abroad to send money home is the remittance service.

Since many Nepali migrant workers and students live, work and study in different countries use of remit-based companies is common in the community.

While talking about Nepali in Australia, most of the Nepali’s purpose of migrating is for education and employment and many have settled in Australia permanently.

Nepali people use different remittance companies to send money to Nepal from Australia.

Remittance companies

In Australia, there are various remittance companies providing the services of sending money to Nepal.

Most companies provide remittance services both online and offline while some only offer online services or offline services only to send money from Australia.

Local licensed remittance companies

Multiple remittance businesses provide remit service to Nepal in almost all cities of Australia.

You can physically visit the business/ shop to send money and the friendly staff will assist you in the process.

It is always wiser to take your identification documents in hard copy/ soft digital copy can also be accepted depending on the business.

You’ll be provided with a receipt and transaction code which you should keep safe for the recipient to be able to receive the amount.

You can find remittance services from Moneygram, Western Union, Ria money transfer and more such remittance companies.

Check this google maps search result for local remittance companies in your area.

Send money to Nepal with PayPal from Australia

With Xoom, a remittance service of PayPal you can send money to Nepal from Australia through your PayPal account.

You can pay via your PayPal balance, bank account or credit/ debit card for the transaction.

You can directly deposit to the receiver’s bank account or do a cash pick-up transfer.

Recharging mobile phones over the airtime is also possible for Nepal Telecom, Ncell and UTL subscribers.

Online-based remittance companies

With the technology rapidly growing there is a range of businesses providing online-based remittance services in Australia.

These companies offer competitive rates, low service fees and fast delivery of your money to the destination.

Also, most of these companies have a dedicated user-friendly website, mobile apps and support team to make your transaction successful and supported.

These companies also have referred a friend and earn promotions offering you a cash discount when you are referred by someone or when you refer someone.

Feel free to use the promo/ referral code mentioned in the table.

There are many companies providing online remittance services. I have listed below the ones that I have personally used.

These companies are very popular trusted multinational companies, with a huge customer base and good customer support.

Before I share with you the companies, I think it will be necessary to talk about the different delivery methods you can choose from.

Delivery methods

Almost all remittance companies provide most of the delivery methods mentioned below. You can choose the one which best suits you.

Instant cash pick-up

One of the most used cash delivery methods in the remittance industry especially in Nepal is cash pick-up.

In cash pick-up, the recipient has to visit the nearest agent physically with the transaction code and identification to collect the money.

It is possible to collect from the nearest bank, agent or financial institution.

Direct bank deposit

Nowadays, it is possible to remit money to Nepal and be directly deposited in the recipient’s bank account. As a result, this prevents the necessity for the receiver to physically visit an agent to collect the cash.

It is possible for you to deposit in most of the commercial banks in Nepal.

The total time taken may vary depending on the banking hours, business days and the destination bank.

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Mobile wallet deposit

You can send money directly to a Nepali wallet from Australia. The money sent can be withdrawn to a bank account or used as normal wallet money.

Even though this feature of remittance is very modern not all remittance services support this. Likewise, not all wallets in Nepal have this feature of receiving money from remittance.

Mobile wallets like eSewa and Khalti currently have this feature.

WorldRemitRemitlyXoom by PayPalWise,
iOS & android,
iOS & android,
iOS & android,
iOS & android
fees to send 100UAD1.99 AUD1.99AUD4.99 USD
for 100 USD
4.84 AUD
maximum amount at 1 transaction50,000 AUD10,000 AUD1,000,000 NPR1,800,000 AUD
delivery method– cash pick-up
– direct bank deposit
– cash pick-up
– bank deposit
– cash pick-up
– bank deposit
– bank deposit
mobile wallet supportKhalti– eSewa
-IME Pay
– Khalti
airtime top-upNepal Telecom & NcellNANcell
Nepal Telecom
referral bonus codeLAXMANB23
25 AUD on signup
15 AUD on signup
fee-free transfer of up to 1,000 AUD

International bank transfer

Though remitting money has grown to be a more popular and good choice than a traditional bank transfer, we can’t simply ignore the method of sending money by bank transfer.

Traditional bank transfer is generally done over the SWIFT network from the original bank to the destination bank. Even though it can be more secure than remitting technology, the time taken to reach the receiver’s bank account might overshadow its benefits.

It will take normally from a couple of days to 5/6 business days to reach the destination bank.

Different banks have their own charges and processes for wiring money from Australia to Nepal.

International bank transfer is still a preferred choice for sending money to businesses, the government and other purposes.

You can initiate an international transfer from Australia to Nepal simply by logging in to your online bank and going to international transfers.

Here below is the quickest summary of sending money to Nepal from Australia via Comm Bank.

How to send money to Nepal from Commonwealth Bank Australia?

PlatformsOnline via Netbank or via Commonwealth Bank’s app
Fees$6 AUD details
Delivery methodDirect bank deposit
Estimated timearound 3 business days

Sending money from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to Nepal’s bank account is easier and smooth.

You have to log in to your Netbank and go to international transfers to send money.

Here below, I have explained the general process of sending money to Nepal from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

  • Login to your Commonwealth Bank’s NetBank
  • Open the International money transfers page From the navigation menu at top of the page, locate Transfers and Bpay and click on International money transfers
  • Choose Nepal as the destination country
  • Fill in the recipient’s bank and contact details After choosing the destination country, proceed ahead by adding the recipient’s bank account details including account name, account number and swift code.
  • Choose to send the account in payment details. Select the sending account and the total sending amount
  • Confirm the details and send

It might take up to around 3 business days for the money to land in the destination account. Please check this guide for more information on fees, faqs and a guide on how to send money to Nepal from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).

How to send money to yourself in Nepal?

It is possible to send money to yourself in Nepal from abroad and in Australia.

You might want to wire the amount to your name for yourself when you are planning to visit Nepal or when you don’t want to worry about the hassle of carrying the money with you.

You can send money to yourself in Nepal from abroad in multiple ways.

  • if you have a Nepali Bank account, you can directly do a bank transfer or remit to your account from Australia

    if you don’t have a Bank account in Nepal, you can create one online as well. But this bank account comes with limited functionality.
    However, it will allow you to do deposits but to withdraw you have to physically visit the bank when in Nepal.
  • you can remit the amount to your own name using various remittance services
    Make sure that you will be able to collect the cash in Nepal within the timeframe of remittance delivery or the amount can return.

Don’t send money to Nepal in this way!

While writing this article, I think it is wise to talk about how not to send money to Nepal as well. I suggest you always chose the legal medium while sending money.

If someone is offering a huge incentive, bonus or high transfer rates than the standard market rate you need to be very cautious to proceed ahead.

If someone is offering a huge incentive, bonus or high transfer rates than the standard market rate you need to be very cautious to proceed ahead.

Hundi is illegal in Nepal and is considered a serious money laundering crime in Nepal.

Also, there is a certain limit on how much foreign currency you can carry with you while you are at Nepal’s airport or crossing the border.

You can carry an amount of less than 5000 NPR while going out or coming into Nepal.

Import of foreign currency of value more than 5000 USD should be declared in customs.

Please refer to this official notice regarding the import and export of foreign currencies in Nepal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to send money from Australia to Nepal?

If you need the money to reach you urgently, sending my remittance companies like WorldRemit, Remitly etc is the best way to send money from Australia to Nepal. Please check this guide for the quickest remittance service.

How can I transfer money from Commonwealth Bank to Nepal?

You can transfer money from Commonwealth Bank to the recipient bank in Nepal by initiating an international money transfer process from Netbank or the bank’s app.

How much cash can I carry from Nepal to Australia?

If you are carrying more than 5000 USD or equivalent currency you should declare it at Nepal’s customs. Please check this information for more details.

Can we send money from Australia to Nepal through eSewa?

You can send money from Australia to Nepal’s eSewa by using remittance services like Remitly and WorldRemit. Please find more details here.

Can you send money to Nepal from Australia with PayPal?

Yes, you can send money to Nepal’s PayPal or do a remittance with Xoom of Paypal. Please see the details here.

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