Here’s why I started using Google Photos

Sharing a piece of my story on how Google Photos eased my photo management.

google photos landing page
Google Photos Homepage

It has been a few months that I started using google photos for storing photos. There are a lot of reasons why I consider best like it’s free, unlimited storage, helps to free our local storage and more.

Some of the key features of Google Photos are;

it detects:

  • People
  • Places
  • Things
  • Videos

  • makes smart collages
  • creates awesome animations
  • generates automatic movies
google photos sylised
Automatic Stylised Photo by Google Photos

But Google photos solved one of my problems!

Yes, you read it right! Once I accidentally erased my local drive partition, there were about 30,000 photos. I was successful in recovering my data safely but the problem was: entire recovered files were grouped in random directories and their filename started with something like f11…..

Can you imagine how difficult would it be to find a particular photo?

When I searched .jpg then thousands of photos would appear in the search result. Thus problem got solved when I backed up my entire recovered local drive with automatic background process of Google Photos.

animated image by Google Photos

And now, guess what? Google photos automatically sorts my photos according to the recognized face of people in the photo.

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google photos automatic face detection
Snapshot of my Photos auto recognized by Google Photos

And believe me, I have found this face recognition of Google Photos to be 99% accurate. Now, I can get all my photos easily tapping over my face from the People section.

Moreover, Google photos automatically detects things, places, scenarios and groups accordingly.

google photos automatic detection
Google Photos automatically sorts photos by people, places, things and more!

Thanks to Machine Learning and smart Google!:D I am in love with Google Photos!

How about you?

Download Google Photos app today, or use

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