List of Verified Facebook Pages from Nepal with Verification Process

Are you looking for the process of Facebook page verification in Nepal? Or wondering how to verify your page/ profile?

This post contains the exact information you need to know about verifying Facebook pages and accounts from Nepal.

one question before we start,
Do you know the chance of user engagement with a verified page’s post on Facebook is comparatively higher than of non-verified pages?

Verified Facebook pages and accounts have several advantages and plus points starting from broad reach and engagement to brand recognition.

This blog is all about the verification on Facebook for pages and profiles. I have collected information which can be very helpful for you.

In the first part of this article, I will be sharing with you what a verified Facebook is, the differences between the blue badge and grey badge. Then we will jump into the why part of Facebook page/ profile verification followed by the verification process that you can follow for verifying your Facebook page or profile in Nepal.

The final section contains a complete list! Categorised list of different Facebook pages and accounts (mostly pages) from Nepal that is currently verified on Facebook. These pages have a blue badge.

I keep updating the list ocassionally, if you think I have missed any pages/ profiles you can let me know through the comment section of this page!

Okay, after this outline let’s dive into the main topic!

What is a verified Facebook page or account?

Verified page or profile on Facebook is approved and confirmed by Facebook through the verification process. When a page or account is verified on Facebook, this means this particular page/ account represents the public figure, business or brand .

Verified accounts can be identified with blue or grey badges.

Blue badge is for pages and accounts of type public figure, personalities and brands while grey badge is for small and medium businesses and organizations.

Why should you get verified on Facebook?

1.79 million people visit Facebook daily to stay updated with friends and family.
It is the third most visited website after Google and YouTube.

Facebook is one of the most popular social network platforms since a while and data show that this trend will grow more in future. These-days everyone from businesses, brands, companies, celebrities, influencers to government extensively make use of Facebook and its different platforms to reach new audiences, engage with customers, spread awareness, day to communication and more!

As a huge number of new accounts and pages are created on Facebook everyday, it is vital to have your page or profile verified if you have large audience base or you are going to have one soon.

Top reasons why you should verify your page/ profile on Facebook:

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  • Brand recognition
  • Increased trust in audiences
  • Rank high on search results, inreased post reachs and engagements
  • Opportunities for more collaboration and outreach

Requirements to apply for a verified badge

Facebook looks at several factors to verify your page or profile. Following are the major requirements of Facebook:

  • authentic
    must represent a real person, registered business or entity
  • unique
    must be the unique presence of the person or business it represents
  • complete
    must be active and have an about section, profile photo and at least one post
  • notable
    Your account must represent a well-known, often searched person, brand or entity.

Find more about the requirements at this Facebook help article.

Facebook page verification process in Nepal

Okay, now we know what a verified Facebook page looks like and why we whould verify our facebook page. Let’s come to another imporant topic: the entire process of Facebook page and account verification in Nepal.

Verification steps are almost similar worldwide but may differ slightly with countries and regions.

Verifying your public Facebook page or personal profile on Facebook is fairly easy process provided that you follow their guideline and meet the requirement.

Documents required

Before we start, let’s gather our documents.

If your account represents a person: A government-issued photo ID that shows your name and date of birth (i.e. driver’s license or passport)

If your account represents something other than a person, provide a document with an official seal/watermark of your organization:
– Your organization’s phone or utility bill
– A certificate of formation
– Articles of incorporation
– Tax or tax exemption documents belonging to your organization

Verification process

  • Select your page if you are requesting your page to be verified or paste your profile link for profile verification
  • Next, we need to specify the category and country of origin
  • Upload your government issued id/ license. (passport works fine as it is accepted worldwide and is in English)
  • If verifying organization, relevant documents as mentioned above in documents required can be supplied
  • now, the important part not to be ignored; provide details and justification why your account needs to be verified
  • if you have a personal website it is best to give the link, if you have any articles, links or media links don’t miss to provide them too
  • once you complete filling in the form don’t miss to Submit! 🙂

It may take up to 30 days to get response from Facebook as al verification is done by human.

List of verified facebook pages in Nepal

News, media and online portals

ABC Television Nepallink
AP1 HDlink
BBC News Nepalilink
Darshan Nepallink
Dhankuta Khabarlink
Himal Khabarpatrikalink
Kantipur Dailylink
Kantipur TV HDlink
Kathmandu Tribunelink
Milijuli Nepallink
Naya Patrikalink
Nepal Khabarlink
Nepal Livelink
Nepal Samacharpatralink
Nepal11 Livelink
Nepali Timeslink
News 24 Nepallink
Online Khabarlink
Pubeli Newslink
Radio Kantipurlink
Rato Patilink
Reporters Nepallink
Sajha Postlink
Taja Khabarlink
The Kathmandu Postlink

Nepali Musicians and artists with verified Facebook presense

Aditi Budhathokilink
Amrit Gurunglink
Anmol KClink
Asmi Shresthalink
Barsha Siwakotilink
Dayahang Railink
Deepak Bajracharyalink
Dhiraj Railink
Durgesh Thapalink
Gianni Subbalink
Indira Joshilink
Jal Shahlink
Jharana Thapalink
Karma Bandlink
Kedar Prasad Ghimire (id)link
Keki Adhikarilink
Manisha Koiralalink
Manoj Gajurellink
Manoj Gajurellink
Nabin k Bhattarailink
Nabin K Bhattarailink
Namrata Shresthalink
Nisha Adhikarilink
Parbati Railink
Priyanka Karkilink
Promise Tamanglink
Rajesh Payal Railink
Ram Krishna Dhakallink
Reecha Sharmalink
Sanjeep Pradhanlink
Shiva Pariyarlink
Shweta Khadkalink
Sunita Dulallink
Sushma Karkilink
Swastima Khadkalink
Teriya Phouja Magarlink
The Shadows ‘Nepal’link
Ugesh Limbulink
Viber BIlink

Government organisations in Nepal with verified Facebook page

Election Commission, Nepallink
Ministry of Health and Populationlink
Nepal Policelink
Nepal Tourism Boardlink
Visit Nepal 2020link

Banks in Nepal

Bank of Kathmandulink
Everest Banklink
Nepal Bangladesh Banklink
Standard Chartered Nepallink

Nepali personalities and public figures with verified Facebook

Baburam Bhattarailink
Bhawana Ghimirelink
Bimal Nepal, Photographerlink
Bina Magarlink
Binod Chaudharylink
Bishnu Rimallink
Comrade Prachandalink
Dr CK Rautlink
Dr. Arindam Chaudharylink
Dr. Nabal Pariyarlink
Gobinda Raj Joshilink
Indira Rana Magarlink
KP Khanallink
KP Sharma Olilink
Madan Krishna Shresthalink
Madhav Kumar Nepallink
Milan Pandeylink
Nabindra Raj Joshilink
Nirmal Purjalink
Nischal Tiwarilink
Parash Khadkalink
Prabhu Shahlink
Rabi Lamichhanelink
Ram Chandra Paudellink
Sandeep Lamichhanelink
Sangam Pantalink
Surendra Pandeylink
Ujwal Thapalink
Yogesh Bhattarailink

Organisations and councils

Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN)link
Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA)link
Nepal Olympic Committee (NOC)link
Nepal Red Cross Societylink
Nepal Scoutslink
Nepal Youth Foundationlink
Peepal Farmlink
SOS Children’s Village Nepallink
Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN)link

International organisations, businesses and embassies

7Up Nepallink
Amnesty International Nepallink
Asian Paints Nepallink
ASUS Nepallink
Australian Embassy, Nepallink
Bigo Live Nepallink
British Council Nepallink
Canada Au Nepallink
Canada in Nepallink
Coca-cola Nepallink
Embassy of Pakistan, Kathmandulink
Embassy of Russia in Nepallink
European Union in Nepallink
German Embassy Kathmandulink
IELTS Essentials from IDP – NPlink
India in Nepallink
Israel in Nepallink
Johnnie Walker Nepallink
KFC Nepallink
Loacker Nepallink
Micromax Nepallink
Mirinda Nepallink
Mountain Dew Nepallink
Newzealand Commission to Nepallink
Nobel Biocare Nepallink
OnePlus Nepallink
Peace Corps Nepallink
Pepsi Nepallink
Pizza Hut Nepallink
Royal Norwegian Embassy Kathmandulink
The Embassy of Switzerland in Nepallink
Tropicana Slice Nepallink
UK in Nepallink
UN Women Nepallink
UNDP Nepallink
UNICEF Nepallink
US Embassy, Nepallink
USAID Nepallink
USEF Nepallink
World Bank Nepallink
Xiaomi Nepallink

Telecommunication companies

Nepal Telecomlink
Smart Celllink

Verified Facebook pages of Political parties in Nepal

BibekSheel Nepali Partylink
Nepal Communist Partylink
Nepali Congresslink
Nepali Congress News Deubalink

Nepali businesses and companies

100Plus Nepallink
Buddha Airlink
Himalaya Face Care Nepallink
Himalaya Men Nepallink
Kathmandu Cancer Hospital- KCCHlink
Yeti Airlineslink

Reality-TV Shows

Glocal Teen Herolink
Hami Uthne Chau – We Will Riselink
Integrity Icon Nepallink
KBC Nepallink
The Voice of Nepallink


Pokhara Premier League (PPL)link
Three Star Clublink


How many pages are verified on Facebook from Nepal?

There are more than 200 verified Facebook pages from Nepal currently as of Aug 9, 2020.

How to verify a Facebook page from Nepal?

You need to submit a verification request to Facebook by filling in a contact form. Please check the verification process above for details.

Do I need to verify my page or account?

Verified pages and account have several advantages. If you have a huge audience base or represent a brand, business or organisation it is worth trying.

How long does it take to get your page verified on Facebook?

It can take up to 30 days for your page to be verified on Facebook.

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