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Recently, I was trying to capture the screen of my iOS device and record a video. So, was searching for some apps/software that could help me. Actually there are few apps in AppStore that provide you with this service but aren’t available at free. Shoutv is available for free to install from emu4ios but your device should be iOS 8 or older.

There is one option, you can record your iPhone’s screen by using desktop software and connecting it via airplay. For this go to this site: airsquirrels and download reflector2. This software is available for windows and MAC.

Install it, and you can use it to record the screen of your device and save the video in full HD formats, and also you can choose the audio input too. But this software is available for free as a trial for 7 days only. In this trial mode, your recorded video has a watermark of reflector2 which somewhat spoils your video and it looks ugly. So, you can pay 14.99$ dollars and buy or there is still the other way. 😉

download torrent file and use. I got 32 bit version and working serial number too. Remember to disconnect your computer from internet while installing. 😉

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Have fun. Cheers!!

You might want to check the video I recorded with this software. Go here

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