iPhone to iPad Screencasting – Mirror any ios devices

While recording videos or taking photos with the iPhone, I wanted to use my iPad’s screen as a monitor. This would save me time in composing the frame and while shooting myself on video, I can use the iPhone’s main camera and position myself looking at the iPad.

I browsed the internet and there were different solutions but some required jailbroken iPhone or multiple apps to install or were paid apps.

I found a video on YouTube that somewhat met my requirement. It was all about Apowermirror app on AppStore. I tried installing it and checked once, and yeah, it does my job! Possibly it might do yours too!

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Possible screen mirroring combination

You can screen mirror between any two ios devices like:

  • iPhone to iPhone screen mirroring
  • mirroring iPhone to iPad
  • iPad to iPhone screencasting
  • mirror from iPhone to iPod
  • or any alternative combinations you can make 🙂

Using Apowermirror for screen mirroring/ casting from iPhone to iPad

  • Download the Apowermirror application from the app store on your both ios devices (iPad and iPhone, or iPhone and iPhone) Download Apowermirror
  • connect both devices to same wifi network! This is crucial as screencasting is carried out via wifi signal.
  • open Apowermirror app on both devices
  • on the device, you want to screencast from, tap screencast icon from the bottom centre
  • the app shows your available devices for screencasting quickly as both the devices are connected on the same network or you can use QR code to scan and connect
  • tap on the device you want to screencast to
  • pull up/ down your control centre and press on screen record option and choose broadcast to Apowermirror
  • Voila! In few seconds your iPhone’s screen pops up in another device!
  • You might want to try rotating orientation to match your need!

Or watch the short video above!

Limitations of Apowermirror Screencast

  • must be on the same wifi network, doesn’t pair through BlueTooth/ airplay
  • few seconds delay in transmission might be noticed but this won’t hamper the overall experience
  • quality of the screencast transmitted video
  • since it is only the screen being mirrored we can’t control the origin device from the destination device

Apart from the above limitations, this single app does the job for me!

It is free, easy to use, no ads, no sign-ups required or anything!

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