Install Sublime text editor in RHEL 7

install sublime text editor in rhel 7

Quickest guide on how to install Sublime text editor in RHEL 7.

Sublime text editor is one of the most popular cross platform text editor which is available for free and can installed across different operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OSs.

Installing Sublime Text Editor in RHEL 7 is fairly easy with following steps. With a single command, you can have the text editor of your choice in your RedHat machine.

The recommended procedure for installing Sublime text editor in any Linux system is to download tarball from their official site:


if you are lazy to do all like me, there is a quick solution for you.

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With a single command listed below, Sublime will be installed in your RHEL.

# curl -L | sh

To verify, if it has been installed try opening the text editor with the command subl .

So, what do you think? Isn’t this the easiest way to install Sublime text editor in RHEL 7? Comment down below! 🙂

Good day! 🙂

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