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A few days earlier, I tried pointing my subdomain of site 5 site to github page site, but it was really confusing, so in this post I am trying to write out how I solved the issue. I assume that you are trying to do this with site5 backstage control panel. Or, similar can be the case with other hosts too. My site5 site is, which I was using here to explain here.

  • login to your cpanel
  • navigate to dashboard and click on Subdomains which is in Domains
  • create a new subdomain of your choice, I am making nepalowlfestival
  • navigate to Advanced DNS Editor
  • here you will see A records being automatically generated by site5 for our new subdomain
  • if we work on this sub domain set up with A record then Github will pass errors and warnings for us saying to amend the DNS to CNAME
  • so, to setup our sub domain as CNAME, lets delete all the A record we see with record name of the recent sub domain we created, for in my case I would delete of nepalowlfestival
  • now lets add two new CNAME records, while adding new CNAME record the record name will be our subdomain and address will be our default github username followed by for me its, find yours and enter it. The two new CNAME will have following formats:

Record name:
TTL:(Time to Live) the time period for new record enforcement, the least the site can accept the faster it would be , in my case I would give 60
Host: (replace lakshmanbasnet with your username)

Record name:
TTL: 60

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After this, the setup is done. Make sure you have added CNAME into your github page site for the desired sub domain. In my case my CNAME file contains:

Comment down for any queries!

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