The Fake Foodies – Food Hunt in Australia

Food – the best part of life, isn’t it?

Lakshman and I share a hobby of travelling and trying new food. We love trying new cuisines and being in Australia – the land with multi-culture for a couple of years now, Australia is aiding us with our mission to taste multicultural experience.

What is Fake Foodies?

Even though we aren’t any film producers or celebrities, we still enjoy publishing videos on our YouTube channel sometimes just for fun and to look back and giggle as we grow old. Thinking something is better than nothing we came with the idea of organising our videos into a better playlist – the idea of seasons and episodes.
This idea sounded exciting for us and gave us new dimensions for publishing videos.

While there is nothing special about the Fake Foodies, these videos are just a log of part of our life.

We have thought of filling each season with a minimum of four to a maximum of six episodes. Each episode will have a different food culture featured. Generally, we’ll try to keep the video shorter to no more than 10 minutes.

Season 1 (2020-2021)

Season 1 is actually a getting started, learning and exploring season for us. This was a very fun experience. We started off in 2020 and we will have a total of 4 episodes! It’s exhilarating and so much fun! Yayyy

We are thinking of doing something special for season finale!!!

China’s trip – S1E1

Who doesn’t love Chinese food !?
Lakshman and I decided to try some Chinese food as our first adventure. Searching on Google Maps for Chinese Restaurants in Adelaide, we found one nice and cosy Chinese restaurant located in Magill via Google Maps – Zen Chinese Restaurant at Magill Road.

We don’t have much idea about Chinese meals except noodles and dumplings 🤣 of course!

So one afternoon, we headed to this place and had a really lovely dinner.

I have always been more of an ‘excited foodie’ type so I was all set for looking at the menu, ordering something new, possibly seafood.

Lakshman was however looking for dishes he knew beforehand. He obviously selected chicken dumplings (his favourite of favourites) and peanut noodles.

Meanwhile, I was eyeing fried squid. I had never ever tried squid so I ordered a plate of it and again peanut noodles.

First of all, we found the ambience of Zen to be very warm and welcoming. The place signified a little China place and it had a very comforting aura within.

Now, coming to food, We enjoyed our dinner!
We loved dumplings, noodles were too good – it was so much that we binged on it.
The fried squid was the highlight of the day. I absolutely loved it. The first impression was such a hit.

Lakshman squeezed his nose looking at the squid though – he hates sea food 😅

All in all, we loved our first Chinese experience (though we have had Chinese noodles, fried rice) takeaway countless times. 😃

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Enjoying Nepali Food – S1E2

Living in Australia for a couple of years now makes us miss Nepali khana so much that words cannot describe it well.
Every once in a while, we manage to go to satiate our Nepali thirst to local Nepali restaurants in Adelaide.

So finally one afternoon, We headed to Glenelg beach to have a bit of fun during the last few days of summer.
We went Glenelg, played Ferris wheel (which was so so slow like a tortoise) and went to Fresh Chulo Nepalese Restaurant at Marion Road.

As usual, we had momo, chowmein and my favourite, khaja set!

Lakshman is a big fan of momo (dumplings) and I love khaja set (beaten rice with different vegetables and meat) .

You can see how I was already desperate to indulge. 🤣

My love for khaja set only elevates every time. The food, without doubt, was so so good and like always we headed home being overly full.

S1E3 … under production

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