Using Samsung Gear 360 with iPhone

Using Samsung Gear 360 with iPhone – Connect, Control & Use Gear360 from iOS

Using and Controlling your Samsung Gear 360 Camera with your iPhone might be worrisome in the beginning. This video is for your easiness to get started with Connecting, Controlling and Using Samsung Gear 360 Camera with your iPhone/ iOS device.

This is a simple video covering the topics from the very beginning to the advanced level.

A dedicated how to tutorial just for you!

Topics Covered:

– Downloading Samsung Gear 360 App from AppStore

– Switching to Connect to iOS mode in Gear

– Connecting via WiFi Connection – First look at the app

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– What you can do with the Samsung Gear 360 mobile app

– Capturing images, video (4k), timelapse with the app

– Live Broadcasting to Facebook and Youtube from your Gear 360 with iPhone

– Importing/ Downloading Images, Videos from Gear to your Phone

– Controlling and configuring entire functions of the camera – Changing LED and Sound Settings – and a lot more.

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