Hello Laxman and Sonisha,

I hope you are doing well. Your informative videos are great. A lot of australia aspiring students along with me are confused about different types of visas after completing the study. I would request you to make a detailed video regarding visas that leads to PR in Australia. Since, the nation provides number of visas such as skilled nomination/independent or state nomination, therefore, it is a bit confusing for students like us. Please make us understood about these and how PR points work for different professionals dwelling inside city or regional are. Along with data regarding last year about what professional are given pr at what pr points. These topics are confusing yet important for aspirants so that we could make wise decision at right time. I hope my request will be addressed soon. Thank you. May god bless you.


Kalyan Khanal

Lakshman Basnet Answered question April 22, 2023
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