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  1. Hello brother. I have a huge confusion . I have just completed my bachelors in software engineering in pokhara university. Since my gpa is not good enough. I have decided to study bachelors again in canada. So now for the NOC should i submit +2 transcripts or the bachelors one??

    • Hi Bikal,

      The requirements for NOC application mention we’ll have to submit academic documents of last degree. If you are applying for bachelors, submit +2 and slc and if for masters, submit bachelors and lower.
      But if the officials need any further documents, they will request with you.

      Hope you receive your NOC soon.
      Best wishes for your career.

  2. I have an issue with my passport. My DOB is mistake on my old minor passport. How can I make changes / how can I make a correction in my passport ?

  3. सर नमस्कार,विदेश बाट नेपालमा पैसा कति सम्म पठाउन पाइन्छ,अनि नेपाल बाट कति सम्मा पठाउन मिल्छ ,यो चाई व्यापार व्यवसाय को लागि हो

  4. Hello dai. I have currently finished my MBA in Nepal and interested in doing another mba in australia. Sonisha di ko Mba course garda ko experience pani suney, dherai fruitful lagyo. It would be a great help if i get a sample of sop how sonisha di write it down & get approved because I have no idea what to mention and what not to included. It would be great help dai.

    • Hi Sushmita,

      Thank you so much for your comment and we are glad we could be of some help to you!
      Unfortunately, we don’t have sop that we wrote as it was 4 years ago and we lost it some time ago
      However, we have informative videos which I’m sure you’ll find helpful.

      – Writing SOP for Australia Student Visa Statement of Purpose [Nepali]

      – How SOP Saves You From Visa Rejection for Australia

      Apart from the necessary details please make sure you cover these while writing your SOP:
      – Applicant’s introduction: personal, academic, family, financial, test scores
      – Reason for choosing course/ changing faculty
      – Why Australia
      – Gap/ Work experience
      – Reason for choosing Australia to Nepal
      – About your university, course & accommodation
      – Future prospects & plan
      – Financial arrangements
      – Spouse – dependent’s SOP
      – Previous visa applications

      We wish you all the best for your application.

  5. सर नमस्कार । मेरो नानीको फेब्रुअरी 13 को class छ । मैले डिसेम्बर मा नै पठाउन मिल्छ कि नै ? please भन्दिनुन।

    • Namaste Narayan Sir,
      Visa aayepachi class surubhanda 90 days agi bata auna milcha bhanne padheko chu, ekchoti consultancy sanga bujhnuhola ani arrive hune date bata OSHC health insurance ni hunu parcha hai sir

      Thank you for the comment.

      • Full disbursement bujhako xa sir. Tyo country pugeko kati din paxi baki rakam firta garna milxa hola hajur? Plz sir.

  6. Hi there, I am planning for master of health, safety and environment. Is there PR system for this course or not?

  7. I am coming to Adelaide on Nov 18 along with my spouse and I have no any close relatives out there. So need to know about the availability of a room for a couple nearby IIBIT- Federation University Australia, Adelaide Campus, Rundle Mall.

  8. Hello lakshman dai maile Nepal ma braces lagako xu, aani ali complicated case ho, aaile visa lageko xa aani continue garda nai thik hunxa ki nikalera aauda??
    Katiko expensive hunxa students lai??

    • Hi Pawan,
      Thank you for the comment. As we talked about in the messenger chat if dental costs aren’t covered by your health insurance it is a good idea to do a follow-up check-up in Nepal before you arrive here to make sure everything is happening as planned. If the time for taking off braces is near, might be a good idea to remove them in Nepal as well, but if you have a lot of time left, I think it is always possible to do it here even though the costs might be higher when not covered by OSHC.

      Best wishes

  9. Hello brother,
    we (husband & wife) are coming to Adelaide this November, can you help us find the room, please? college is Kaplan business school.

  10. Hello dai. I am currently studying **** in **** *****. And, I have been facing problems of plagiarism with my assignments and the department has also called up a meeting to discuss about my problem. Is this going to get my visa cancelled because I have read on news portals about students getting deported for plagiarism from Australia. I need your help dai.

  11. Hello sir ma haal India bata Alisha shrestha boli raheko ho mero sister ko bibah India ma vayeko 6 ra aba hami Dubai visit visa ma travel and tours bata ghumna Jana lageko ho but NOC latter kasari banaune yaha bata Nepal jana sakiyena plz vandinuss

  12. Sir mero GPA Kam vayera diploma leading to bacholer ma apply garna lagya yo VET course yai vanxa ki higher education vanxa visa lagney chance katiko hunxa??

  13. Hlw,sir namste , i want to apply for Master in civil engineering courses for Australia.
    Ke ke garda ramro hunxa visa aau nn ko lagii

  14. Dai mero girlfriend Australia bachelors ma gaisakyo first semester siddisakyo aba uhh Nepal ayera bihe garera ani ma jana lai kk garnu parxa kati time lagxa ani financials kk parcha , please replly

  15. Hello bro I wanted to know that
    Diploma ko visa ma vako manxey ley dependent spouse lai lagna milxa ki mildaina or bachelor garirako ley matra milxa?

  16. I have my YouTube channel but very very little likes and subscribe. Still I love to make it when I get time. We as a couple planning to travel Australia for our higher education. Want to continues our YouTube channel or we will create a new one. What are they rules and regulation for YouTubers in Australia ?

    • Hi Niraj,
      Thank you for the comment.
      Glad to know that you already have a YouTube channel. I hope you’ll shairng content on your channel after you are in Australia as many students in Australia surf YouTube to know about the experience of students already in Australia.

      Not exactly sure if there are specific rules and regulations for YouTube content creators but I will try to share some:
      – you can take videos/ photos in public for non-commercial purposes. However, I would always respect others’ privacy.
      – be careful you don’t breach your workplace’s policy when taking videos/ pictures or when sharing on social media
      – it might be a good idea to blur faces even in public, as YouTube has an inbuilt editor that easily allows us to auto blur
      – there are strict drone regulations in Australia
      – if you receive your payment in Australia, you’ll be liable to pay taxes accordingly

      I will update more if I find anything in this thread.

  17. Hello sir, I am Aakash Gupta from nepal. I have 3.5 years experience in management software as a support. I am also owner at Aakash Metal industries. I have a good knowledge of computer and IT (Information technology). N others also…

  18. Hello Sonisha mam, Aaila Australia High Commission ley yasto strict garako vayara dharai ko visa refused vako xa abo yo situation kaila sama hunxa hola paxi kai normal hunxa ki abo impossible hunxa australia aauna lai.

  19. We both are undergraduate but wanna go to Australia on dependent visa.
    I have completed my (3yrs) diploma in pharmacy so I would like to join bachelors of pharmacy there could u please tell me is it better to go together or can go alone but call my spouse later

    • Hi Amrit,
      Yes, you are right, Adelaide city is also known as 20 minutes city. Even though core CBD might seem smaller in comparison to other cities, but still there are plenty of businesses and job opportunities matching your skills and experiences both in the city, Adelaide metropolitan and the Greater Adelaide area.
      Best wishes.

  20. Hello ma’am, ahile ko jun visa refusal ko situation xa Australia ma tesko barey euta sano video banaaunu na hai k garda thik hola kun city aauda thik hola ani university affordable hola ki nahola.

  21. Hi! I have completed my msc in transportation engg from nepal. civil engineering masters ko kun program (double degree ko laagi) demanding cha Australia ma ra wife with 6 years baby liyera aauna milcha ki mildaina? Aus. ko kun province ma better huncha hola.. plz confusion clear garidinu la…

    • Hi Andrew,
      As per my knowledge, you can bring your immediate family member during your study here in Australia, but still, for the right advice, I would suggest you seek advice from the registered Australian educational consultants in Nepal.
      Best wishes.

    • Hi Bikash,
      Thank you for the comment.
      Nepal bata sakesamma aafno living expense dhanine garera lyaauda thik huncha hola, ani if you already have a driving licence, it is always good to bring it here as you can convert it to Australian licence after going through the process.
      Please check this video we made short time ago: https://youtu.be/EOcKHMW2aPE

  22. any mining and mineral engineering providing universities in adelaide and how many scholarship near adelaide

  23. Document from the Ministry of Education confirming the validity of the High School or College diploma yo chahi nepal ma kasari linay ho sir.

  24. Hi Lakshman, can you please take one session on pte tips, I attempted 4 times pte scores are very less, my target score is 65.
    Pls take me one session on your free time am also following apeuni.

  25. Hello bro I’ve request for add course to get noc .they says your request has been approved but looking in list of subject they havent add the course can you help me in this please

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