Your Every Questions Answered [Studying in Australia from Nepal]

Interested in Studying in Australia?
Get Answers to Your Queries in our upcoming Livestream from Nepal’s Most Trusted Counsellor

Australia is your next study destination but you want to know more!
There’s a question stuck somewhere in your mind about studying in Australia as a student from Nepal.
Or maybe you want to know more about your particular interest in Australia.

To help you with your decision-making and make your student visa application process hassle-free, we have invited a pioneer educational counsellor in Nepal for Australia this time.

The counsellor will take your questions and answer them happily in our coming Livestream.

So, feel free to ask anything you want to ask.

but why?
As you might be already aware, we enjoy sharing our experiences of student life in Australia through YouTube videos in Nepali. Quite often, we encounter questions that are out of our scope. We understand that our dear subscribers might expect to get an answer from us, but we haven’t got expertise on many aspects of these, this is why we thought why not invite someone whom we can trust and ask the questions on behalf of our viewers being a mediator.

good to know | terms & conditions

  • the counsellor will be answering queries during our YouTube Livestream
  • we will send you an email reminder for the video Livestream
  • we encourage you to fill out this form at earliest as we will be taking questions on a first come first serve basis
  • we reserve the right to choose the questions and delete spam submissions without prior notice
  • we are unable to guarantee that every question will be answered
  • you consent and agree for your details to be shared with the counsellor and be contacted if needed
  • we (lakshman and sonisha), won’t be liable for the guest speaker’s opinion or answers

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